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   Chapter 8 Getting to know you

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When they heard people clapping their hands, Cynthia opened her eyes and saw his face so close to her and her lips was touching his. She regained her senses and shyly pulled herself away from him. Oscar was displeased when she pulled herself away from him but his heart was satisfied when he saw her blushing.

" Did you like my gift, Cynthia?" He asked afterwards.

" Thank you! It was lovely!" Cynthia looked away from him and moved away to him. She turned her back but a forceful hand stopped her. She leaned back and saw Oscar staring at her lovingly.

" Wait please! I have another gift for you." Oscar held her hand tightly.

Cynthia faced him again and Oscar signalled someone from the crowd again by waving his hand. A butler came holding a cage made of gold and there was two doves inside it. Her heart melted with so much pleasure when she saw the bird on the cage. The expression on her face was priceless. Her eyes were glowing with happiness the moment she saw his gift for him.

" I guess we found our man!" Leandro said to his siblings. His siblings nodded and smiled happily.

" How did he know our sister's weakness?" Randolf began to wonder.

" Maybe fate brought them together in this event." Benedict exclaimed.

" They look good together and seeing how Cynthia became vulnerable to him was a shock to me." Denise noticed how Cynthia behaved infront of Oscar.

" I never saw your Cynthia behave like this to a man." Cameron joined in their commentaries.

" I like him for our daughter. He seems to be a good man." Edith clung onto her husband's arm.

" Sister look so pretty and the man look so handsome!" Mikaela praising the two person on the center stage.

After receiving Oscar's gift, Cynthia giggled and fondly looked at the birds inside the cage. " This is the best gift ever! Thank you so much, Mister Valdemor. "

" Please call me Oscar! And you're welcome. I remembered what you said to me this morning. That's why I really intended to buy these doves for you. I am very happy that you like them too." Oscar smiled contentedly at her.

" I'm grateful that you remembered it.....Oscar!" Cynthia smiled shyly and took his gift with her. She left Oscar and went back to her seat next to her family.

Everyone took their meal and had fun that night but the night was a meaningful night for Cynthia and Oscar. It was a start of a new chapter of their love life. After the party, everyone parted ways. The Chou family went back to their house happily but Cynthia was left behind for a moment in that room where her party was held.

On the center stage, she stood up and closed her eyes. Burying all the memories of this wonderful night on her mind. She was silently standing there when she saw that there was no one already on that room but she was wrong. A man approached her and gently touch her lovely face and the man again ruled over her lips, tasting her sweet scent.

Cynthia was alarmed when she felt a warm lips conquering her lips passionately. Her eyes remained closed when she smelled a familiar male scent. It was Oscar who was standing close to her and touching her passionately. Oscar caressed her body and pressing her closer to him.

After they felt contented kissing each other, Cynthia opened her eyes and met his gaze on her.

" Why are you still here?" Cynthia asked him with tender looking eyes.

" I thought I could have a moment with you. My heart was calling out your name and so I came back to check on you." Oscar said honestly what he felt for her.

" You're so poetic! Are you really like that to

wonder. Oscar and I are just strangers." Cynthia looked at her other coldly.

" Whatever you say, sweetheart! I'll go prepare the breakfast now and you should take a bath. You're sweating a lot!" Her mother diverted her topic.

" Okay, Mom!" Cynthia went straight to her room.

When she reached her room, she looked at her phone and saw a message on it saying: " Meet me at Crescent Moon Hotel for lunch. I miss you, beautiful!" The message was from Oscar. Her heart starting to warm up with him.

Why am I so excited to see him and be with him? Am I in love with him already? I thought I could only know love to my novels but now, I'm really experiencing it. I'm like n a cloud nine! She thought to herself.

She took her towel and placed her phone under her side table before she headed to the bathroom. She took a shower to freshen up her body. The water was dripping on her body when she finally had taken a bath. She wrapped herself with the towel and headed back to her room.

After drying herself up and putting on her clothes, she combed her hair and looked herself in the mirror. She saw herself blooming. It was kinda strange but she felt good about herself. After that, she headed out to the dining room for breakfast.

Everyone seemed to notice the different look on her face today when they saw her coming in.

" Good morning everyone!" Cynthia greeted them cheerfully.

" Good morning, Sis! You're looking exquisitely lovely this morning!" Leandro said with a smile on his face.

" Why? Thank you, brother! Am I not always lovely everyday?" Cynthia dodged a question to him.

" Of course, you are always lovely! Isn't it, guys?" Leandro glanced at his other siblings with a puppy look on his eyes.

" Yes! Sis is always lovely." Marie said it in an adorable look.

" That's so sweet of you, little Sis!" Cynthia acted like she was not annoyed by her other siblings and pinched Marie's cheeks lovingly.

Her other siblings made a mysterious smile and glanced at her intentionally.

" Stop staring at me or you'll all get in trouble with me." Cynthia gave a warning look on her siblings when she caught them making a weird smile.

Hearing her threat, everyone restrained themselves from smiling and staring at her. They ate their meal in a silent mood. Even their parents can't hide the fact that they were happy seeing her glowing because of love.

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