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   Chapter 53 Epilogue

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"The Lord loves the Lady so much, granny. He is her hero." Little granddaughter exclaimed in joy and clapped her hands.

Her granny laughed at the little girl's excitement, "Indeed yes, sweetie. Their love blossomed brightly through coming years. The day Lady Ella woke up was the mark of their happy journey."

"Then, Granny? What happened next?" She asked enthusiastically blinking her eyes in great expectation.

It was a weird fairy tale to the little girl; but a fairy tale no least. There was a knight in shining armor, there was a sweet beautiful maiden, there was a vicious vamp and not to forget the magic of true love.

The granny smiled sweetly at her granddaughter's exhilaration while looking at her with an unknown emotion which the little one could not understand.

"Xander Knight was so happy and relieved when he found his wife, Ella woken up. Though it took many days for Ella to recover completely, Xander did not leave her even for a moment and tend to her personally. Isn't he sweet, sweetie?" Granny asked to which the little one nodded her head vigorously.

"Yes he is sweet and kind. Will I meet a Knight like Xander, granny?" Granny paled at her question and took a deep breath to compose herself.

"Y-Yes. Yes you would." She answered hesitantly and continued the story before her little one ask her another question.

"Though Ella heard the life story of Xanders' when she was sick and sleeping, she asked him to tell her everything again so she could hug him this time when the story went rocky. If destiny was a person, then it would be this very couple who fought all the odds of their life together and won them over. Years later of them expressing their love for each other and falling for each other all over again every moment, they were blessed with a beautiful daughter, Iris." When she noticed the little girl hearing her intensely, she continued.

"Iris Knight, Ella and Xander's daughter – who was blessed with Xander's brain and Ella's he

t hear till then.

"But granny, why are you telling me this and why was Lady Ella's name Ella, the same as mine?" She questioned innocently looking for answers.

"Because Ella, the Lord's Ella in the story, is you." The granny whispered to her while mixed emotions where playing on face. "Ella Rosemary does not just share your name but your fate as well. This is your tale, Ella." Granny shook in concern for her dear grand child who will not remember in her future.

"My Story?" Little Ella questioned in looking confusedly.

"Yes, it is" Granny answered briefly feeling tough to clear the little Ella's confusion.

That was what her fate decided; to clear away memories of her prophetic grandmother. It was already decided by the heavens above and nothing can change it.

Her Ella would need all the strength to fight for her life in the coming years and she could not help but pray for the little girl.

May the heavens give the strength to keep-up…

May the angels look after her…

And so, the tale turned into real story from the very day little Ella lost her grandmother that same night.

A voyage of pain and struggle, a trip to hell and back and an expedition to love and pleasure.

The journey of Ella Rosemary towards Xander started… with the mark of wedding her corpse husband.


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