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The physician examined the Lady who was coughing continuous and taking hard breaths. She did not open her eyes which was making everyone in the room panic with negative thoughts.

The physician dropped a dark medicinal ball in her mouth washing it down with water and asked the Lord to rub Ella's hands to create a friction of heat in them while Gode was rubbing Ella's feet.

Hours later, the fits of coughs were seized and Lady Ella was able to take proper breaths. She was still unconscious but her skin was getting warmer which was a huge relief. Though the Lord was not certain when he would get to see his wife's beautiful eyes again, but the notion of his Ella get better was a reassurance.

Days passed by and the Lord occupied himself with punishing the Garrick father and daughter. Blythe Garrick was beyond broken who was transformed into a mute toy. Her eyes lost focus and she keeps looking into nothing. Her answers were only given by a simple shake of head.

Lord Xander Knight only wished to kill Knox Garrick but for his daughter, he wanted to keep her alive to serve his wife as a redemption for the sins she had done to her.

On the other hand, Knox Garrick was well and healthy. He did not have a bruise on his skin and the only pain he was enduring was coming from inside of his body. Few days after the Lord pushed the dark energy into Knox, he slowly became resistant to the pain and struggle which motivated the Lord to increase the power.

Knox was almost dead by the time the dark energy was increased inside him for the third time. He did not understand why the Lord was keeping him alive when his body, mind and soul was at the point of death any moment.

But he did not except the person who was standing before him with the regal dangerous stance to take up the responsibility of tormenting him further.

Lord Lucius Emor.

Why was he here?

What had he done to the Good Lord to hold such a grudge against him?

"I am grateful to you, Xander." Lord Lucius muttered looked at Knox Garrick with a fierce deadly look.

"I had avenged for my wife all these weeks. From this point of time, he cannot be able to move his body to his wish. He is yours from here. I will be waiting for his death news, Emor." The Lord said completely understa

is. He still could not believe that his Ella was back to him, lying in his embrace.

"I thought I - I lost you." His voice broke filled with many emotions. Just the thought of all those weeks living without her was enough punishment to clean away any sin he ever did.

Ella was beset by looking at her husband. She missed him so much. Though all she saw was black all the time she was unconscious, she could still feel his emotions within her. She could not find a man like her ever who loved her more than anything on the planet.

She will not let him leave her even for a moment until she gets satisfied with looking at him.

"How can I die when my husband can even defy the hell and could bring back his wife like he did before? My husband was once a corpse who defied death and came back for me and I know he would never let me face the dark hall of hell; when the heaven I should get to was on earth with him." She smiled widely making him narrow his eyes towards her.

Ella laughed at him when the confusion on his face cleared and kissed him on his forehead. The kiss was for being her husband, for coming for her, for being a support to her, for loving her and for cherishing her.

She never thought that a foolish belief of people would land her a loving corpse husband who can give away anything to keep her loved.

It was not Xander that was lucky but it was who was lucky to be married to a cold corpse who can only give warmth to her.

Her loving corpse husband.

Her Xander.


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