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Xander could hear the loud wails of Knox Garrick and the pleas of mercy from his daughter Blythe Garrick. He should've felt even a tad bit of pity for them but he knew he couldn't grow any compassion even he tried so.

They were monsters from inside out and the only justice for their wrong deeds was to show them what a hell is.

By the time he came back to the residential wing, all the staff was working on the upcoming wedding that would be taking place that night.

The staff can hear the screams coming from the dungeons but they pretended to not care about it. It was not anything new for them to come across such harsh punishments that the Lord had given to traitors and immoral.

But this time, it was more ruthless than before and the staff could understand that considering their Lady had gone through so much, it was normal for the Lord to torture them cruelly.

"Gode." Xander approached the lean woman who has been crying out her eyes from past weeks for her best friend. Those past days, Gode could hardly eat or drink anything which turned her pale and skinny.

"Xander." She mumbled and turned around to face the tired looking Lord who can burst out into tears anytime soon.

"The arrangements are finished. It is time for you to go and get ready while Lucy and I take care of Ella." Gode said briefly without an ounce of emotion.

Gode had done a lot and went through dangerous lengths to get her best friend from the hell hole those heartless people created. After all the trouble they had gone throughout, when finally she was handed with the happiness she deserved, it was quickly snatched away from her.

"Hmm." Xander answered shortly and strode towards his bed chamber with intent steps. This wedding would be their only way to get his Ella back. If they fail in this attempt, then he could possibly lose her forever.

He prayed to heavens for kindness.

Not taking much time, he changed into his wedding outfit quickly and walked down to the ball room where the wedding will be held. By the time he walked in, the pastor was already present along with the staff of the castle crowding the hall.

Only when he walked to the further into the room towards the dais was wh

its way. Xander pecked her forehead softly followed by both of her pale cheek and the closed in to her lips.

His lips were wet with his tears but it did not stop him from kissing her lips. "Darling, I love you. I love you so very much that it is killing me to watch you this way. What do I have to do to wake you up? Should I kneel down before you and beg you? I will do anything just – just come back to me, Ella." He cried out taking her lips into a passionate kiss.

He kept mumbling her to wake up and come back to him in her mouth during the kiss.

Just when he was about to lean back from the kiss, he heard something – Something very distant, small but he did hear the soft sound.

Moments into the kiss later, he heard the small sound of a cough again and this time, he leant back to look at his Ella for the affirmation he needed.

He looked at the blank face of his wife and shook his head at the illusions. Another cough was heard but this time it was a little louder than the previous one and Xander noticed the source of it.

It was her. His Ella.

Soon enough Ella erupted into fits of coughs and Xander couldn't help but smile because it was the only sound she made in all those weeks of being bedridden.

Ella took a long breath and opened her eyes half way through before slipping into unconscious again.

"LYNDON, CALL THE PHYSICIAN." Xander yelled, carrying Ella in his arms, running out of the room to their bedchamber.


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