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What shall he need to do?

Xander was feeling guilty for keeping his Ella away from him for five years when he could make her life better from the begin itself. But it was necessary. He was fighting against people who could do anything and could go any length to achieve what they wanted and he did not want Ella to become their bait to capture him.

After all the things happened, he couldn't put Ella in danger again. Though she was alone, sad, mourning and depressed all those years, it was better than become a target to cruel people.

But he wished he took care of his past soon enough to bring Ella to him sooner.

"Xander… Xander!" Xander was brought out of his thoughts by the concerned voice of his brother. Previous night was one emotional night for him. As time passed by, his apprehension grew and the only thought that was running in his mind was to get his Ella back.

Madonna visited Ella that morning when Xander has summoned her for a brief check up. He notified the witch how Ella cried in sleep when he was talking to her the previous night. Ella's tears shone hope in Xander but still he did not want to expect anything unless he was certain about it.

'It was good she was hearing you, My Lord. But her soul is still shattered. You only have tonight to get her back. I suppose whatever you were telling her the past night was the key. Though it is not precisely the heal, I presume the cure was something closely connected to you. You should just have to call her with your heart, mind and soul.'

Xander's head started to pound harder given his emotional jolt. He sighed and rubbed his head and looked at his brother who was sitting before him with a serious look.

"Eh, what is it?" He rasped. The pounding in his head is getting worse and he couldn't think straight anymore.

"We found him." Xander jolted out of his seat when he heard the words he wanted from past several weeks.

This was it.

They found him.

"I had him chained in the dungeons assuring to put there the amulet you made. He cannot use any kind of magic as long as the amulet is there." Xavier said standing himself and following his brother who was rushing towards the dungeons to visit their esteemed guest.

"Where was he all this while?" Xander asked but in his authoritative aristocratic tone like a Lord.

From that moment until he punish Knox Garrick and the town of Shadowvalor, he would be in the

ine to cure his pounding head. It was soothing and relaxing like a breath of fresh air. It was even better when the greedy Knox was begging to let go of his daughter.

"Stop." The Lord ordered with a evil smile and bent closer to Knox, "I cannot kill you daughter – just yet. My foremost punishment to both of you is to watch each other in pain." He said and straightened himself.

The Lord nodded at Xavier and Lyndon briefly to which both of them took several steps back along with the guard. Satisfied, The Lord closed his eyes and gathered his hands to his front, producing a dark fog like orb sparkling in his palms.

The Lord mumbled and the orb got bigger giving a chilling outcome to the people around. Once he was done, he pushed the dark orb towards Knox who was looking pale and panic.

The orb took no time to force itself into Knox's body faltering him for several moments. The fog which surrounded the cabin cleared with the roar coming from Knox.

He was trembling and thrashing in pain but the metal chains kept him in place. The Lord looked satisfied with what he had done and so are the other two.

"My magic will burn you from inside but will not damage any of you parts of your body. You will enjoy this short vacation of pain. I will be back in a day." The Lord left the cabin and ordered Lyndon to not let Knox sleep or fall unconscious. He was to suffer until he made his next visit and gave Xavier the duty to guard their special prisoners personally.

With that, the doom of Knox Garrick has begun!

It was time to go to his Ella and prepare for the wedding.


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