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His Lucky Lady.

Yes, that was what Ella was to Xander. His Lady Luck who brought him back from the death!

Who compelled even the Devil to be obliged to acknowledge her!

His lady luck and his only lady love!

A smile escaped on the saddened Xander's face when he looked at his life, who was his wife. He moved to her to the bed and knelt down on the ground, taking her fragile soft hand into his, rubbing it with both his hands.

"Xander didn't know – I mean, I did not know why I was given a second chance to live. I did not know who that special person was who the wonders to bring me backed to my life. Although I was very grateful to that person I was also curious as to know who it was." Xander stated to his wife, how he curious he was of the person who gave him a new life.

"My body which was buried six feet under was brought back to the ground all fresh and clean on one night and with the help of the God of death, I was able to claim my body again. But you know what Ella, from that very night, my body felt different to me. Though I was bearing the same body all my life, it felt unusual and detached. I did not understand why and I was even more determined to know what happened to me when my soul left the body." He said pecking Ella's hand every once in a wife and continued to rub the other hand.

Xander was not the usual person from that night. He felt a very distinct aura oozing out of him which made him astonished too. He clearly remembered his past. He clearly knew what had happened before he died and what led him to the depths of death but what he did not understand was why he was suddenly feeling incomplete.

"I felt incomplete and it was as if I was craving something so desperately. It was feeling that was making me apprehensive and paranoid because I never felt it before. I wanted to know why I was feeling that way but the Lord of underworld believed that it was not his duty to tell me the complete story. I went fanatical many times, that was when I met Dale." He still remembered that night when the rejuvenated Xander was wandering through the town and an old man who looked poor but was kind enough to share his water with him.

"I was feeling thirsty with all the walking not to mention the abilities that I wielded made me weak easily. I met him on my way and when he saw me tired, he

I liked it when you used to share your day event to my tomb. You used to share the little food with the tomb and I felt your affection for your faceless husband. You respected him and stayed loyal to him which made me fall for you more. I killed both the chief and the Lord with the help of Dale and Lyndon and became the next Lord Knight when Lyndon said that I would rule fairly. I saved my family but still I was not happy because another person of my family was crying every day and was being humiliated, tormented, assaulted by everyone and I was silent. Every tear that escaped your eyes was like an arrow piercing my heart, Ella. Trust me when I say that your pain killed me more brutally than the actual death." Xander took the frail body of Ella and embraced her tightly like she would disappear any moment.

"Please do not leave me, darling. I would die if you leave me. You are my everything. What would I do when you leave me? I have no reason to live on this land if you are not with me. Please come back to me, Ella. I love you, my sweet. Come back." Tears continued to flow from the strong and powerful Xander's eyes when he begged his wife to stay alive.

He wished he could get his Ella earlier than he did.

He wished he killed Knox Garrick the moment he laid his eyes on him.

He wished he burned the town like they did to her family.

He wished he confessed how much he loves her when she was well and fine.

He just wished he could see her mesmerizing eyes again if it means he had to sell his soul to the devil.


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