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"Yo-u, Chief?" Alexander struggled to talk with the immense pain he was enduring. His body was not moving to his will and stilled paralyzed from the moment he was given the drug from the needle.

"Why?" He managed to ask, still struggling to move his body.

Chief Radburn smiled sardonically and knelt down before the unmoving body of Alexander while giving a small laugh of victory to Lord Knight.

"Because you were getting close to discover my secrets, just like your father." Chief Radburn replied harshly and patted Alexander's cheek, giving him a fake sorry look.

Alexander sucked the air in gasp when realization dawned onto him. "You killed my father?" He asked, several emotions gushing into him at a same time.

His face was getting red due to the struggle also due to the drug and his breath was coming short after every moment. Alexander wanted to fight, he wanted to kill the person who killed his father and who was pretending to be a good guy before others.

"Few years ago, your father too got a whiff of something going wrong with the treasure we robbed. He suspected that the treasure was not given to help the poor and other unfortunate form of people so he started looking for the dishonest person who was using the money all for themselves in the name of service, just like you. You had be suspecting the same thing from a long time, aren't you?" When Chief started confessing what had happened years ago, Lord Knight knelt beside Alexander with a sharp knife and stabbed him in the stomach brutally.

Alexander sucked another long breath trying to bear the pain and fight against the drug that was keeping him still.

No he needed to do something and help his people from the very person they trust so much!

"Nah, do not worry, we will not kill you until you know the whole story. At least you deserve that, boy." Chief Radburn smiled amusingly at the trashing body of Alexander.

"So, where were we? Yes. You see, I work so hard to rob people, for what? To bestow them for poor? Do you see me like a fool? So one day, I happened to meet one of my very old friends –" Chief pointed his hand towards Lord Knight who was sitting beside him, "- and we planned to gain some good wealth for ourselves. The Lord provided me with the security I needed and I provide him with the half of the wealth I earn. A very beneficial al

e revenge on the people who killed him.

"The judges and the Lord told him that they cannot send his soul to heaven nor can they keep him in hell because his soul was bounded in a pure relationship. At first Alexander did not understand what crap the Lord and the judges were saying but they explained him what happened to him. The God of death said that a soul will be going through trials in the underworld only when his human body was completely destroyed. That was the reason he was kept in a small chamber because they were waiting for his body in the human world to be completely festered as his body was cremated." Xander said looking lovingly at Ella.

"The God of death said that someone from the human world has lit a life to Alexander's body by an untainted soul on a special night where the stars and planets were in a very auspicious positioning. They said that they had no choice than to send him to the human world again as he was no more eligible to be in the hell or heaven. But the Lord of underworld told him since he was given a life after death by a propitious person, he would not be a complete human and so he will be burdened with the unusual abilities that could be his foe and a reason for his anguish if not sustained well." Xander said and stood up from the bed.

Xander looked at his sleeping wife and opened his arms in air like an emperor and roared loudly, "Like that Alexander was born again in the same bidy but as a different person. And this time he was known not as Alexander Knavesmire but as Lord Xander Knight."


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