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"Alexander Knavesmire. You know who he was, don't you, my Ella." Xander chuckled and held Ella's hand in a tight grip but yet it was gentle.

He looked to the unmoving form of Ella and sighed once again in utter disappointment.

"He was bandit. A good bandit who, along with his gang, used to loot only those wealthy people who gathered their wealth by collecting absurd tariffs and incredulous interest from poor people. Do you know how the bandit gangs function? These bandits were once oppressed and mistreated by those heartless cruel wealthy Lords and royals only to have their needs fulfilled. So those mistreated people started forming large groups as one family and started revolting against such Lords and those groups were headed by a chief." He said smiling to himself and suddenly his smile turned into a bitter one.

"In one such loot, Alexander's father was killed mysteriously in the woods when Alexander was not more than ten years old. He was stunned and very sad to hear from his chief, Radburn Bunce, that his father was killed by soldiers of the Lord they went to rob. Though Alexander was not very close to his father, his father was a great man with compassion and was always loyal to his mother. The news that her husband can never return to her broke Alexander's mother deeply."

He could still remember the day when Alexander's mother starved herself for more than a week in the hope that her husband will return and scold her for being stubborn and foolish.

"His younger brother was totally another matter. While Alexander was not much close to their father, his younger brother who was four years old then was very close to their father. He could not take the news of their father's death so Alex had to swallow the pain himself to support his mother and brother vowing to avenge his father's death one day." A small drop of tear escaped from Xander's eye and fell on Ella's cheek. He immediately wiped away the tear and closed his eyes, gathering some strength to continue further.

"Years passed by and Alexander turned thirty with beauty of an angel and wicked like a devil and why not, he was nothing less than a devil. He was above good six feet tall and was so muscular that his mother use to gush at him in front of m

e castle and escaped into the dark depths of jungle with the collected treasure. Alexander, who was feeling something amiss in the situation, stopped and looked around the woods with a suspicious look but continued to run further when his chief encouraged escaping fast. A while later, as usual Alexander and Chief were the one who tagged at the furthermost back of the troop while covering the evidences of the burgle." Xander's other hand folded itself into a tight fist and his eyes changed its color to bright red which talks of the danger and anger inside him.

"You know Ella, that the moment when Alexander made a biggest blunder of his life. The mistake that cost his life was turning back and running back when he heard his chief yelp in pain. It was the very moment that Alexander his fate to an end, when he ran back to help his chief only to be surrounded by the Lord and his men. But the biggest blunder was to trust the person whom he respected like a father because the reason Alexander was dead was because of the same person whom he respected but was betrayed but the very person." Xander gritted his teeth in absolute anger and hatred.

"Alexander was surprised when the chief who was crouching on the ground in pain suddenly stood up with a smirk like nothing happened and walked towards Alexander from back and stabbed him in his neck with a poisoned needle."

"That night, the last night of Alexander's life taught him a great lesson of betrayal and heart break."


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