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Returning from the woods, Lord Knight was not himself after he understood the depth of the problem. He along with Lyndon, Xavier, Gode, Lucy and sometimes along with Madonna tried many things to break the magic but nothing helped.

In the next three weeks, while Xander was busy with his wife, trying to save her from impending death, Xavier and Lyndon succeeded to get proof that indeed Knox Garrick was the person behind attacking Ella.

It was also found out that the whole town of Shadowvalor was supporting him in the wrong deed. It later came into light that the deadly venom was made by the town members themselves and the magic was performed by Knox Garrick.

Xander was consumed by the thoughts of destruction and ordered his troop of soldiers to capture each of the Shadowvalor civilian, male or female, young or old, he ordered the whole town should be captured and imprisoned in the dungeons.

Except Knox!

The town head was clever enough to flee from the face of the town soon after he did his work. He was nowhere to seen and many troops of Lord's men were still trying to find him.

While on the other side, Ella's health deteriorated to its words. She got so skinny that the frame of her bones was visible clearly. Her lips were blue and chapped and her body temperature ran cold.

She was almost felt dead… almost if not for the faint air she was exhaling in and out. Gode has been crying profusely, cursing Knox for committing such a sin.

Gode, who had done so much to get her best friend in to the arms of the Lord was totally devastated and lost hope in retrieving her back to life. She felt useless for not being able to save her. Everything she and the Lord tried were futile and nothing was helping her.

"The witch said in not more than two days the dark magic in her body may completely consume the soul power. You know what it means, don't you?" Gode asked softly, tears running freely from her eyes, looking at the lying body of Ella.

Xander did not reply nor did he acknowledge Gode's statement. He was just sitting beside his wife with blank and dead eyes. He tried all of his powers and ability to control the spell but nothing worke

that she is in such a dire state, everything felt hopeless to him.

"I always wanted to tell you something, Ella. But I was taking things gradually so you could get comfortable with the changes. You always asked me who I was to know so much about you; who holds so much power over you; who can wield magic like back of his hand. You had so many questions about me. You always showed tremendous interest to know about me and my past." Xander spoke softly, twirling the locks of her amber hair around his fingers.

Even her hair lost its life in those past three weeks.

"I do not know if you would really wake up after the wedding tomorrow so I want to tell you a story, darling." He said pulling her in to his arms in a comfortable warm position, rubbing his hands on her arms.

"It is a story of a bandit who had a lovely family of four, who considered the whole group of the bandits as his own family. He loved everyone of them and he can do anything for them. He was handsome, muscular, wicked and can have his way with anyone. He was so good with indulging people with words and women from in and around that area use to fancy him like he was an angel in human skin; and he use to enjoy it too." Xander chuckled lightly but the sadness was not leaving his eyes. He wanted to tell her so much, he wanted to show her so much that even a lifetime falls short.

"His name was Alexander." He sighed sadly. "Alexander Knavesmire."


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