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Madonna was stunned to get an invitation to meet the Lord alone in the woods. She was busy taking care of some of her personal affairs from past few days and getting a message to meet the Lord in secret threw her into thinking what had happened that the Lord himself sent his loyal butler to fetch her.

She was very occupied to even accept a meet with Knox Garrick when he requested few days ago. Knox had tried several times to meet her but Madonna had no time to waste it for anyone else. She had to complete her personal affair before the end of full moon.

Now that she was thinking about it again, was it a coincidence that both Knox and Lord Knight requested a conversation with her?

She hoped Knox hadn't done something foolish again. If it was again one of his foolish act that cause chaos, then she was done saving him. She took Knox as her friend, though not a very close friend, he was there with her for several years providing her with everything she needed to practice sorcery.

So she kept on saving him from pits he dug for himself several times. Hell knows what was his agenda to meet her.

"Madonna." She heard Lord Knight's brusque voice from behind and stiffened.

She could detect the danger oozing out from his aura and trouble hinting in his voice.

She turned around slowly covering up her tensed eyes with her signature sultry look. She couldn't let him see that she was affected with the aura he was producing. His eyes looked solemn and red indicating that something had gone utterly wrong.

What might it be?

"My Lord" She bowed slightly in respect and returned to look into his eyes with temptation all over them. Though she was not the least interested in the man standing before her, she knew through experience in life that a woman can only keep herself safe in men's world by playing along with their weakness.

"You must have heard what happened, didn't you?" The Lord asked her underhandedly to know if she was truly involved in Knox's murderous affair or was she innocent.

He did believe that the witch is not a part of Knox's attack on Ella as he made it certain to tell the witch who was more powerful in between them a long back ago.

She was wise enough to not cross him, but he do not know if she was now completely trustful or not.

"In fact, I do not, My Lord

ord eyes and felt bad for not being able to him.

"But I believe you can save her, My Lord. Your union with the Lady was a unique one, a legend that never happened till date. You are just needed to try everything that shows your love and devotion to her. I do not know what helps the Lady so I suggest you put everything in you and try all the bizarre ways. I know only you can save her." Although the witch's words were a help, the Lord was too anxious to learn that he has no definite cure for his Ella.

What was he supposed to do now?

What can he do to bring his Ella back to him?

He cannot look at her unconscious person and not feel guilt swamping over him for not taking better care of her. She was his life and he let someone to hurt her. She couldn't look into her eyes ever again.

"What should I do? Tell me and I will put my life into it to save her. You know I am more potent than you so I just need a source." Madonna, for the first time saw the Lord vulnerable and felt sorry for his predicament.

"Power is not the tool to achieve something every time, My Lord. This time you need to use your heart, brain and devotion to help her rather than your paranormal powers." The witch's words put the Lord through another trial of vulnerability.

If it was just the matter of powers then it would be easier but the Lord doesn't know what form of his love is accepted to save his wife.

Heavens, he had no time to stay weak. He need to rush to his ailing wife and do everything he could. That was the only way.


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