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"What do you mean 'bound by magic'?" Xander questioned in an eerily hoarse voice that hummed destruction around the castle. His orbs welcomed the red fury plaguing his senses.

The attacker went as far as to use magic to kill Ella? Magic?

Xavier and Gode were stunned as when they heard what the doctor had said. Lyndon was silent all the time finding neither courage nor courtesy to talk between the Lords but worry was clearly displaying on his creased forehead.

"Why do you presume that there was magic? Isn't using magic a myth?" Xavier questioned in Xander's place as he knew just by the look on Xander's face that he was controlling the urge kill anyone who comes in his way.

What had sweet poor Ella has ever done to anyone that everyone was against her like they were out to catch a monster?

"Master Xavier, Magic is anything but a myth. Sorcery, witchery is still present today. My late aunt was a practitioner of black sorcery and she gave me a little knowledge about them. Although I do not have a cure for it, I know it when I see the effects." John informed wistfully holding Ella's hand and lifting it up to other's notice.

"You see the Lady's nails, My Lord! They are slowly turning black." John reflected the golden candle light on Ella's fingers. "This is not due to poison but it is black spell." He proceeded with a rueful sigh.

Xander took an intake of harsh breath looking at his unconscious little wife. He had promised himself that he would protect the precious girl with his life and looking at her lifeless body, he was burning for revenge.

He would not give an easy death to the person who had put her Ella in such predicament. If anything were to happen to her he would kill the whole region ruthlessly and the only thing that he would like was their blood.

"You may leave. Come by the noon of tomorrow and check the Lady again." Xander commanded and nodded curtly at the doctor. Doctor John was already feeling the regret to be unable to help the Lady. He could clearly see the love and devotion the Lord has for his wife and that made it even more apologetic to the doctor.

Lyndon escorted the doctor out of the castle while Lucy proceeded to the kitchen

osely. I wish to know the further details by morning. I need to pay a visit to the witch right now." Xavier nodded and left the room giving a sideway glace at quietly sobbing Gode.

Madonna should be having a cure to break the spell. She should be having it as she was one powerful witch. But Xander still couldn't get over the shudder he experienced at the thought of loosing his Ella.

Oh heavens, he only got her just days ago. He only got to spend few months with her and he was just feeling happy for pulling her out of her ill-fated life. He was supposed to keep her surrounded by only love and respect but where did he go wrong to see a day like such.

His Ella…!

What he would not do to keep her with him for eternity.

Xander walked down the dark hallways of the Knights castle and stopped once he found Lyndon coming his way.

"Lyndon, I have a chore for you." He clipped when Lyndon nodded eagerly to help as much as he could to get the life of Lady Ella back.

"Get to the cave the sacred witch resides and escort her to southern part of pine woods near the pond. Tell her I would like to meet her there with an important issue to discuss. If she refuses to come along, tell her that I would give her an immediate painless death." He ordered with his eyes turning red for the umpteenth time that night.

The moment Ella wakes was the moment he would put every bit of his time in destroying Knox. Knox didn't know who he rattled.


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