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Hearing the pained shouts of Gode, Lucy scurried to the recreation room hurriedly and banged the door open only to face the horrifying scene before her.

Ella was sprawled on the hard wooden floor unconscious and Gode was trying to wake her up pulling out needle arrow from Lady Ella's neck. Lucy gasped and ran out to the stables to inform the Lord about it only to find him appear in the recreation room out of nowhere.

"Ella! Love!" Xander picked up her body and dashed to their bed chamber, placing her safely on the soft bed. What has happened to his wife?

"WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED?" Xander glowered at Gode looking nothing less than a devil without a bridle.

If there was any depiction for erupting volcano, then it would be Xander himself at the moment he saw his Ella swoon taking harsh breaths.

Gode provided the needle arrow which was shot on Ella's neck "We were conversing when Ella walked to the window and was happily talking to me one moment and next this arrow was stuck in her neck." She whispered in the midst of sobs. "Someone was waiting outside for a right possibility, I assume." She produced.

Oh no, he was not going to lose her again. He would bring the heavens and hells down to earth if he had to steal his wife's life away from them.

She just came into his life after a lot of struggle and he would never let her leave him. She was his and only his and no force can defy him and take his wife away from him.

His Ella!

Xavier, the worried brother of the Lord rushed the good old physician to the castle as far as going to the lengths of picking him up and carrying the old doctor in bridal style. If it was not a moment of dreaded importance, then everyone would have laughed in amusement at the way Xavier carried the doctor.

The physician arrived and verified Ella also testing the arrow that was shot. The assessment took long hour, not to mention the physician's face getting pale every passing moment.

Ella's neck started turning bluish green and the physician's worry was sky touching as time passed by as his medication was not working on her. On the other hand Xander held hand of Ella's and was stumped how hot it was getting.

Ella was running a fever.

"I apologize, my Lord, but the venom arrow contain is out of my knowledge. I have not seen somethi

d up from bed humming in approval.

Lyndon was ordered to inform Xavier and Gode about the physician's arrival and allowed the doctor into his bed chamber.

John assessed Ella's pulse and her eyes also assessing the change of her skin colour."My Lord, the reason I couldn't detect the toxin earlier this day was because it was not one poison that was used. The venom was a combine of deadly nightshade, castor bean and another plant which has no name yet." John announced meekly, tensed at what he was about to tell further.

"And you have medication for it, aren't you?" Xander asked with a controlled voice looking every inch of a beast with bright red predatory eyes.

Just at that moment, Xavier and Gode rushed inside causing the doctor to gulp in fear.

"Yes I do, My Lord. I have just the right cure for the venom." John pulled out a small bottle of brewed medicine and a sachet of pills and handed them to Gode who immediately planted them inside Ella's mouth.

"But?" Xander raised an eyebrow well aware of the hesitation the doctor was showing from the moment he arrived.

Xander could finally breath a breath of relief but he knew there was more to say by the doctor and he knew it was not a good news.

"But My Lord, there was also something deadly used then the venom." John answered gathering troubled glances from the people in the chamber.

"The venom was bound by magic, My Lord. Although the venom can be cured by the medication, Lady Ella may not wake up until the magic inside her is broken."


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