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"I have an inkling of how you all must be feeling for having filth as your Lady of Honor." Knox presented his deep concern before tens of Shadowvalor residents. "Perhaps this was what we get from showing mercy and kindness to a wench." Knox earned earnest nods from the villagers.

If he was testing the blind belief of the town towards him, then he was doing just right.

No doubt the town were so blind to see his vicious self motives.

"We are still quite astonished to reason out why Lord Knight would take her as his wife." The villagers voiced out their displeasure, mostly envy that Ella succeeded to ensnare a Lord as her husband and dancing over their head with power.

What were they supposed to do when 5he Lord himself was so smitten by her?

Words do travel fast. The word that the Lord had given the power of looking over the affairs of the whole Knights castle has travelled fast from mouths.

Its was also heard that the cold and beastly Lord has nothing but proven to be a love struck fanatic who couldn't help grin whenever he looks at his wife.

The town couldn't yet comprehend how in the name of almighty the Lord would go for Ella and what had he ever seen in her to pursue her in a good marriage no less. Supposedly a love marriage.

"But we have nothing we can do, yes Town head?" The question made by one of the enraged young maiden hung in the room, resonating the suspension in everyone's mind.

"Not if we have her dead." Knox suggested stealthily. Killing Ella was not an easy task when she has the Lord and the guards protecting her every moment. He needs the town help to distract and send the Lady to hell for making him and his daughter suffer.

By now Knox already understood one important fact that the Lord has his heart and life wrapped around Ella's fingers and the only way to break him and make him like he wanted was by killing Ella.

Killing two birds with one stone.

"But Mr. Garrick, There is not a way to eliminate her, now do we?" A villager expressed in displeasure. Displeasure regarding the fact that a girl whose life they destroyed so with ease has been nothing but a puppet in their hands has now had so much power over them not to forget she could destroy them with a

d at tow birds feeding each other on the top of a tree.

"Although I am yet to be at ease to express this to him, I can still tell you that I started loving him. Everything in him, good or bad, vulnerable or deadly, light or dark; I accept it without a thread of hesitation, for he can be lethal but not to me. He was like an angel sent just for me." Ella chuckled reminiscing the pure adoration in her husband's eyes for her whenever she looks into them.

Where has this person come from? He was like a storm that flooded all the pain from inside her and harvested new sprouts of love, belongingness and freedom.

"I am so much deeply in love with – " Ella cried stumbling back from the window with unsteady steps.

Gode looked up from her sitting position towards Ella's flattering steps and stood up, running hastily towards her.

"What happened? Ella – Oh my God! Ella." Gode gasped horrified at the small needle arrow pierced into her neck.

Ella started losing her breath huffing out the air with much difficulty. Gode stood up and looked out of the window to see if she could find anyone there but there was no one.

Ella tried to keep her eyes open but something hot was spreading in her body which was jamming her conscious.

"XANDER!" Gode yelled for her friend's husband struggling to herself in senses. She pulled Ella's limp body in her arms shaking her into awake.

No, She would not let anything happen to Ella.

"Ella, wake up. ELLA! XANDER!"


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