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The Lord was grinning pleasantly but the evil satisfaction shining in his eyes was totally a different chapter. He was pleased with Lyndon's work.

The job he had given to Lyndon days ago has finally put into action. Shadowvalor, the place where Ella was put through hell was finally paying its price.

"Their establishments magically were set on fire but no one was seriously harmed." Lyndon's story brought a smile on his face.

Lord Knight was a person with a patience of a saint which was a curse to his enemies. The people he was eyeing to destroy were going to face many trials before breaking apart and it was exactly what the Lord was planning to do.

Break them but not kill.

"Ah, how soothing!" The Lord exclaimed mockingly and turned towards Lyndon who was smirking back. "I want them without shelter from here forth. If they make one, burn them. Where ever the people of Shadowvalor go, I want them under the naked sky with minimal food enough to keep them alive." The Lord was making certain the gift of ultimate patience he was gifted was used properly.

He will take things slow and kill them emotionally and mentally slowly, step by step. After all, five years of Ella' sufferings should be well compromised.

Lyndon nodded at the Lord's commands without a question as he was one of the only few people that can understand the Lord's predicament. If Lady Ella has pained in the past years, Lord Knight also was hurt when he couldn't help his wife.

It was Lady Ella who got hurt but it was the Lord who suffered from it.

Their destiny has a weird thinking of its own. Once, they were one yet they couldn't become one. Later, they were apart, yet they were close to each other's heart. At the moment, they were close and near yet the barriers of deep secrets stood between them like a decisive ordeal.

"Yes, My Lord." Lyndon answered proceeding further, "Knox Garrick found nothing about you with Madonna's help. But it was positive that he understood the abnormality in it." Lord Knight hummed in response and fell in silence for few moments.

"Also, he met Blythe in Lady Ella's resting chamber. No doubt to ask for your details." The Lord raised a brow in question. Knox Garrick was one brave man to enter the lion's den.

"And she helped him?" Lord was quite certain that Blythe was a tamed greatly and would be that way for good period of time.

"No she did not. But she did warn him to stay away from you." A chuckle resonated in the chamber and the red rim in Lord's eyes started overpowering the orbs. He was furious yet there was something dangerous grooming inside him.

He was thinking about the pest with the name Knox Garrick. Though he was a normal human, he was dangerous than a viper. The Lord has to do something about Garrick. Killing him was not in his notes. He wanted to use knives, needles, nails along with pepper and salt on his. He was craving to hear the painful wailing of Knox Garrick.

But… but someone else also has the right to enjoy torment the viper.

"Lyndon, I want you to write a letter to the Lord of Western realm, Lord Emor. The letter should be short and mysterious telling him that he would get his answers from Madonna, the sacred witch." Lyndon was surprised and curious about the sudden correspondence to Lord Emor.

He did not understand how it was related to their current situation considering, Lord Knight never had any acquaintances with Lord Emor.

And Why Madonna?

"I apologize, but I fail to understand how Lord Emor was ever related." Lord Knight looked at Lyndon and gave his a crafty smile.

"He was not before but he is now. He is related to Knox Garrick." That put Lyndon into confusion again.

It was always hard to understand what his master was thinking, what crafty things were concocting inside his brain. He was now just waiting fo

r the time to unfold the layers of mystery that his master was folding.

Lord Lucius Emor!


"My greeting to you too." The Lord scoffed looking at the female who rushed into his study chamber without his permission.

If he didn't see her like a close friend, then he would have taught her the true meaning of manner. Pity, he like her.

"You should at the least give me a heads up when you are planning to burn down the town." Gode scowled at the Lord and took a chair before him.

She was fuming and furious with the Lord for burning down her cottage.

"Ah, I apologize for the inconvenience." She did not like the humor in his tone. "Did you grace your presence here to punish me?" Gode's eyes turned into slits looking at the laughing Lord.

Oh, how she wanted to punch him, if there was any possibility.

"Why did you do that?" She asked leaning her aching back to the chair. She travelled all from Shadowvalor to the Knightsfort in a hurry just so she could give a piece of her mind to the Lord.

"Why, payment time!" He shrugged and chugged the glass of ale. "I asked Lucy to prepare a chamber for you. I knew you would storm your presence here."

"Alright but there is something else I want to inform you." Gode said in a serious tone giving him a look that deciphers that it was something important.

"Hmm" He hummed back.

"Knox." Hearing which the Lord straightened up her posture and looked intently at Gode, "I stumbled upon something strange two days ago. Knox was asking a man about someone named Orla. I wouldn't find it a matter of importance if it was not his desperate hurry tone." She noticed the Lord nodding his head with a knowing smile forming on his face.

"Good. He should find her." He shrugged. Gode looked perplexed at his indifference and continued to ask the reason for his smile.

"You know who Orla is?"

"Um hmm, Orla was a same witch who suggested a catalogue of bizarre rituals of becoming powerful." The Lord exactly knows who Orla was and how she played a greater role in destruction of many lives, including her own kin.

"Then are you not bothered that he would find her?" Gode knew many of the Lord's secrets and maintained them like a good friend but she still couldn't comprehend his actions sometimes.

If Knox Garrick could ever meet Orla then it would be dangerous then she did not understand why the Lord was not concerned about it.

"Nah, he could not find her any soon. Even if he did, he could not get any assistance from her."

"That is because?" Gode questioned back to which he chuckled and told her she would know soon.

"Oh, by the way, I have something to give you." The Lord got up from his chair and moved towards the heaps of books and from between them he pulled out a sachet and produced a locket before her.

Gode's eyes widened and pulled the pendant looking at her carefully.

"How did you find this? This was…" She was cut off by the Lord, "Stolen"

"Yes, an ogre stole it from me. He was such a manner-less man. How did you get this?" She continued to rant as well question him about the pendant that was so dear to her.

The Lord laughed in amusement and narrowed his eyes playfully, "The manner-less Ogre who stole this from you was my brother."

"W-What? Your brother?" She shook her head in disbelief. "Why in the hell did he do that?" She asked utterly speechless.

The pendant was not so precious but she treasured it a lot. Why would someone steal a inexpensive necklace from her.

"He thought he could have your attention if he steal it." The Lord chortled making Gode gape at him.

That Orge of a manner-less man stole her necklace to have her damned attention?!


"Be ready, he will be meeting you again tonight." The Lord announced and left the fuming Gode alone in the room.


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