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"How?" Ella questioned with a low befuddled tone. Though it was terrifying to find a person – nonetheless her husband – perform something beyond imaginable before her, Ella didn't know how to react to it.

It was confusing to her because she knows that Xander would never hurt her but was it even possible to teleport? She only saw the foolish believers of magic acting selfish all her life but never had she experienced it herself.

"That, my sweet, you will know soon." Xander smirked making Ella gasp at the red orbs which were so animalistic and inhuman. "Are you scared of me, Ella?" He asked with a sweet smile which confused Ella.

Why was he asking that?

He wanted her to be scared of him or does he want her to be brave?

She liked him so much and to be honest, he was the only person after Gode to show her so much affection and love. It was nearly overwhelming at how he also behaves so sweet and caring with her.

Ella was scared when she looked at his bright animalistic red eyes. There was no doubt that she flinched a few times when those red haunting eyes glittered at her. But would it be fair to judge a person who has nothing but gave her a fresh life and showed her love?

He was a mysterious man who possibly had many dangerous secrets buried under those monstrous eyes, and frankly speaking, she was scared of revelations that future holds for her.

But this very dangerous magic yielding man was the one who filled her life with smiles. Although the hovering over her was a beast, she wanted know him by heart, by soul; not by his appearance.

"Y-yes I am, a little." Ella answered truthfully making Xander chuckle at his innocent wife. He can guess how the wheels of her brain was working and it pleased him to see his Ella looking straight into his eyes inspite of seeing his devilish change in his eyes, inspite of experiencing his magic herself.

He had to give it to her for how her heart did not judge him but only looked at the love he showered on her. This was why he was so much in love with her.

She deserves it.

"You should be though; I am not an easy ma

Xander was a possessive lover yet he made certain to be flexible for her. She had many imaginations of making love to a many until a few months ago but Xander surpassed everything in giving her the love and pleasure.

She felt worshipped whenever Xander was with her. It was not just intimately but she felt respected though his actions as well and that was why she was starting to like the monster with a heart as kind as an angel.

"I like it when you are with me." Ella said once she was brought down to the bed again. She wondered how Xander loves her so much. She was thankful to the angels for having sent him for her.

He was the preeminent in her life and she was not going to afford to lose him. He had started filling her life with himself and she cannot lose him now that she felt deeply for him.

He was her light in dark and knight of her dreams.

"Good." He responded giving her light kisses on her forehead.

"Will you tell me how you brought me to the room earlier?" She asked hoping to learn her husband fully. She wanted to know him full.

"I will gradually. There is more you should know about me and one day will be too less to understand me." And the moment she nodded and looked up, her husband was not there hovering over her. She looked around the bed chamber and he was not seen anywhere and his clothes were missing too.

He had disappeared again!


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