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"How can this be possible?" Knox's surprised exhausted voice boomed in the calm night. He was getting aggravated with ending up with nothing but a black fog swirling around him.

Knox was currently sitting down in the middle of the woods alongside Madonna in front of bluish green fire that was dancing in the dark. There were several small pots filled with poisonous herbs like Nightshade, Hemlock and Thyme and also potions that are to be added to the riling fire.

Madonna crushed golden rosemary and added bitter bark to it and threw it in the fire. The fire turned an unusual color of dark shade of blue quite close to black. Madonna pushed a small bottle of yellow colored liquid potion into Knox's hand and asked him to add the potion to the fire while reciting the spell she asked him to.

"Invoculso" Knox repeated after her pouring out the liquid into the blazing dark fire. It oozed out a dark fog which surrounded the two of them in wrap creating a portal around them.

But like the previous time, the fog which was supposed to create a large halo, failed. Knox couldn't understand why they were failing even after trying for tens of times. This was the third night they were in woods trying to perform the spell and magic in desire to look at the Lord's past.

"Knox, I had already insisted that looking in to Lord Knight's life is a difficult feat. You think he is an ordinary person that a witch like me can unfurl him?" Madonna replied in annoyance.

She was performing the same thing from past three nights and the met with failure every time. She knew already that this would be nothing but a catastrophe. Lord Knight was not a normal human to get traced easily. He was powerful, more powerful than her and she wouldn't risk her life and her magic for the sake of a fool like Knox Garrick.

She had better things to do now and one of those is sacrificing yet eight more men that year so she could finally complete the ritual and get out of any possible relationship in her life.

She didn't trust people, least a man. A future interference of a man in her life was the least she wanted and she must had a soul mate out in the world and the chances of meeting him was high. So she did what she ought to, which is sacrificing eight men every year for eight years so she could finally stop any kind of bond in the future.

That year being the eight year, she was busy looking for the me

and followed was 'You eat what you earn, you live like you deserve.'

Though he would put the whole world at the feet of the Lady he loves so much, he was also strict enough to follow the rule. Ella need to perform the duties of a Lady of Castle to get what she always deserved.

Though the Lord had many underhand strategies in working with different kind of people, he liked to work. He didn't want his wife, the Lady of Honor, to be a decorative doll. He would make his wife one of the strong and powerful personalities in the four regions.

Blythe slowly opened the door and noticed it was empty. She turned towards the corner of the room to find the Lady and get inside the chamber with her permission. After her recent punishment, Blythe was being careful not to rile up the Lord and behave like a servant with the Lady.

She learnt to respect the hard way and she couldn't forget the hard learnt lesson all through her life.

Blythe noticed a figure lurching in the corner near the balcony so she just voiced out her presence before entering the room. She set the tray on the table beside the bed.

"My Lady, the refreshments are here." She said in a meek voice keeping her eyes towards the ground. It was made clear to her that she was not to look into the Lord's and Lady's eyes.

"Ah, Blythe, my sweet. I see you are making a good maid out of yourself." She heard a familiar stern voice which planted a small hope inside her which was immediately destroyed at the thought of the Monstrous Lord.

"Mr. Garrick?" The way his daughter addressed him puzzled him greatly.


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