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A slapstick?

Blythe's face paled and lost the colour which can be noticed even under the dim lights of candles. What was she supposed to do when the Lord has ordered her to perform a comedy for them?

Lord Knight without a care wrapped his hands around Ella who was still sitting on his lap and started to nuzzle her soft red hair which was glowing like wild fire.

"I will give you few moments to think about your performance, Miss Garrick. Start preparing." Lord Knight announced making tears swirl in Blythe's eyes.

Ella, on the other side, was feeling awkward and sorry for Blythe who was having a hard time. She could neither get out of her husband's lap nor could talk out of him about Blythe. The eyes which were glaring at her just few moments ago were now drooped down with tears and fear.

Though Ella was grateful of Xander for giving her a modest life, she was still apprehensive to share her thoughts with him regarding anything that was related to staff or empire. She feels she has neither right nor any experience in giving an advice or word of thought. She was basically a no one until few days ago and everything she ever knew about was her town and her cabin.

Ella couldn't understand if the entertainment that her husband was seeking from Blythe was an everyday aristocratic culture or was it his way of having fun. She want to save Blythe's face from the humiliation but she has no power right then. Though she was a Lady of Honor and wife to the great Lord Knight, she cannot talk against her new husband.

"Here." She heard her husband whisper and looked up to see him bring the spoon full of food to her lips. "Here, I am going to feed my wife today." He smiled down at her affectionately which created butterfly tingles in Ella's stomach.

Ella opened her lips and took the food which her husband was offering so lovingly. She couldn't take her eyes off from his. His eyes were filled with so much adoration for her that she did not know how he could like a person whom he met just few days ago so much.

Her smile was contagious and the Lord could not help but grin at her. He loved those small moments with his wife which he missed out for the past five years.

"Aren't you going to feed me? I am hurt now." Her Xander smiled at her mischievously which only caused Ella to giggle at the playful Lord she was now coming to love.

Ella took the spoon from his hand and scooped a spoonful of chic

y Lord. Show mercy." Blythe cried out cowering away from the approaching butler. The Lord smirked at the withering girl and chuckled in complete satisfaction. Her cries were like a tune fine tune of nightingale to him. It was music.

"You should've known not to provoke me, Miss Garrick. You rattled a beast out of me." He inched towards crying Blythe and crouched down to her level. The Lord caught Blythe's chin and lifted her head up to look at his artwork and his faced immediately frowned not satisfied with the slight glitter he saw in her eyes.

No he did not break the complete life in her. He need to work a little more to kill every sense in her and by the end of this, he would be bringing out a new obedient doll out of her to the world. By the end of it, Blythe would have no mind of her own; everything she does would be his command.

"You should be careful enough when I said Lady Ella is my heart. You should know not to challenge me but then, you did one thing that could give you worse than death – bringing tears in my Ella's eyes." Lord whispered darkly. His eyes were blazing intensely at her and the dark fire lurking in his eyes gave a fright to Blythe.

"Lyndon, bring me those needles we worked hard to make few weeks ago and arrange hot water so Miss Garrick here enjoy a good hot bath after the little acupuncture I give her." Lyndon nodded obediently while the Lord chuckled darkly at the frightened and begging Blythe.

Her lazy skin would be active with every needle he would be giving her. If she doesn't understand with warning then she better get it with a punishment.


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