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When a wave hit rocks, some hardens while some crumbles down. The same goes with people. Not every person gets stronger as life is tested; there are few people who weaken at the force of life.

Ella was such to crumble down easily. Life has only tried to bend her, mold her and shape her into an obedient defenseless person and when Blythe threw spiteful words at her, Ella was beyond hurt.

She was only trying to know why Blythe was there at the castle working as help and if any, she was thinking to aid Blythe if she was at any uneasy situation. Ella might be a little happy with her new husband but she knew he was dangerous.

How dangerous, she had no idea but she could guess the amount of influence he had on all his staff, mainly Blythe.

What made a strong girl like Blythe break?

No doubt she was still hostile with Ella but the hatred in her eyes was upsetting.

"You have an astounding ability to cook, My Lady." Lucy smiled taking a whiff of well marinated and cooked meat. Ella smiled back at the compliment and got excited to serve the hot food to the Lord.

"When will the Lord come down for supper?" Ella rubbed her hands in anticipation once she neatly arranged all the food in large bowls.

The cook was impressed by Ella's humble cooking and was holding herself not to pound on the food. It happened for the first time that a Lady cooked for the staff. All the previous Ladies of Knights castle were too snobbish to treat the help considerably good.

"Yes My Lady, Lyndon has already informed the Lord." Lucy replied back.

Ella instructed the maids to place the food on the table along with necessary cutlery. Ella has already changed into her evening gown once she was done with cooking so she raked a hand through her dress to soften the creases if any.

"You look beautiful, Ella. Not to worry, the Lord will love what he see." Lucy reassured Ella when she noticed a frown on her forehead.

True, the Lady looked radiant in her sea green evening gown and the Lord would certainly enjoy when he sees his wife.

Ella heard several footsteps coming towards the dining hall of which one powerful she was now getting familiar with. She once again turned towards Lucy asking her for the final time if she looked good or not and when got the confirmation she needed, she walked into the dining hall where her hu

art." He smiled down at Ella and pecked her on nose while Blythe glared at the wench sitting on the Lord lap as his wife.

"Despite giving her the joy she wanted today, I felt her heart hurt this evening, don't know why. You see, she would not tell me what made her hurt. You don't know her but she is not a kind of person to tell on someone." The Lord explained with a sly smile playing on his lips. Ella did not understand what the Lord was doing.

Why was he telling Blythe about her?

He felt her emotions? That made her smile at her husband who was being nothing but affectionate and sweet to her from the moment she met him.

"Y-yes, My Lord." Blythe replied politely and twitched under his intense gaze. Why was he telling at the wench? What if he come to know about what she said to Ella this evening?

"Hmm. I cannot see my wife in tears, so I summoned you here on a special purpose. You should be proud to be one to amuse your Lady." Ella's eyes widened at what the Lord said and shook her head trying to say something but he silenced it with a small kiss.

"My Lord?" Blythe understood that the Lord want something from her but she not know what was in his mind to amuse the Lady.

"Humor us, Miss Garrick. I especially like slapstick humor and hope my darling too likes it. Perform a slapstick skit." And Lord's lips curved into a sneer. He was having fun looking at the stunned face of Blythe who dared to disrespect Ella and brought tears in her eyes.

This would teach her a lesson not to disrespect his Ella ever again.


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