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Knox trembled at the mere thought of either the Lord or the town people getting to know about his previous tactics. He had done many thing, plotted many plans to get what he always wanted.

Oh no, he cannot let his deep secrets get discovered by anyone. He was yet to do a lot to reach where he always wanted to be. Everything he had done till date was just to have his ambition accomplished.

"What suppose, if the Lord come to know that Ella's wedding to a dead body was not to save the town but it was the first ritual you have performed to become invincible." Madonna was constantly trying to rile up Knox in return for an amusing reaction.

Madonna knows that it wouldn't take a long time for the Lord to figure everything out. It was just the matter of time and time of wits. What would the Lord do when he comes to know the whole dirty secret of Knox?

It was interesting and an intriguing thought for Madonna to guess the torment Knox would be facing in the future.

"He would never know. No one would ever know about it. I am almost half way through the rituals and I cannot let the young Lord destroy my efforts." No he would not let anyone destroy his hard work.

Knox somehow saw the soft spot the Lord has for Ella and if he was not wrong then it was not silly to assume that the Lord likes her. But the same liking the Lord might have for Ella can be his end. Knox can any way convince the town members and manipulate them even after his secret was out but the Lord was totally another matter.

"Just because a woman looked like a witch does not mean she is indeed a witch. The woman who gave you the list of rites to be performed to become invincible, might not even be a real witch and must have been just using you." Madonna replied looking at her painted nails exquisitely.

He was working hard doing every absurd ritual so he can become as powerful as a devil. The woman he met years ago was no doubt a very powerful witch. He can recognize a witch at one glance and he was very certain that the woman he had met years ago was indeed a witch

and a tainted creature. See that you are not in his interest." Knox disregarded Madonna's warning, giving her a smug smile telling her that he was confident to win the battle.

Knox should get his daughter to talk about what happened to her earliest possible so he can get a chance to finish little Ella's life smoothly.

The lass he used as a stepping stone for his triumph was now becoming a hurdle. He needs to do something to Ella and the Lord before they create another hurdle in his way. He needs to kill Ella and make the Lord wed his daughter.

Everything is fair for a king and he want to be that king where whatever he did would be never questioned. That he can only achieve he was a relative to Lord Knight.

But then again, his next ritual was to burn thirteen people alive and what more auspicious can it be when the very ritual was marked begin with little Ella?

But this time he need to concoct such a plan that even the Lord couldn't be able to save her. For that, Ella should be out of Lord's reach for just few moments and he can do his task quite smooth.

He might need to talk to his daughter first to get little Ella out of the safety of the castle.

"Madonna, how early can you perform the rites to see the life of the Lord?" Knox asked her to which Madonna answered him that it would take handful days to get everything ready.


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