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Ella walked into her bed chamber with light steps looking all the more bright and shining after her classes with Miss Panford. There was a constant smile on her face that even brightened up the staff's mood. The maidservants and Lyndon couldn't help but smile at the happy looking Lady.

"Lucy" She halted near the bed and looked back at Lucy.

"Yes, My Lady." Lucy smiled back at Ella who was grinning at her.

"Call me Ella when there are just us, Lucy." Ella chastised playfully, "What do you think should I do for the Lord?" Ella asked twisting the ends of the shawl with her hands while her face was painted deep red with the blush that adorned.

"I beg your pardon, Ella. I did not get you." Lucy looked up to find Ella blushing like a new bride and there was also this tension that was clear in her eyes.

"Xander – I mean Lord Knight has done so much for me. He also arranged a tutor for me to learn something I always dreamt to learn. He is so sweet, Lucy." Ella said in a faraway tone and Lucy chuckled when she looked at her sparkling eyes.

"Swooning at the Lord? Lord Knight is the least sweet person I have ever come across. He is not at all sweet and kind, Ella. Lord Knight is cruel." Lucy put in, trying to hide her smile when she saw Ella gasp at what she said.

Lucy was so enjoying how Ella was reacting to what she said and she liked it. Ella didn't like how her husband was spoken of and Lucy was happy to notice that.

"No, he is a very sweet person. He is strict only because he is a Lord and he has a lot of responsibilities on him." Ella's tone was serious and it had a tinge of affection in it for Xander. Lucy raised her eyebrow, amusement clear in her eyes.

Lucy did not expect an angry tone from Ella given Ella was a very loveable person who cannot raise her voice on anyone. Lucy was waiting to tell the Lord about the talk they had and she was certain that the Lord would be on the clouds.

"What does the Lord like to eat or like to do?" Ella turned to Lucy excitedly and clapped her hands with determination to prepare something good for Xander.

Lucy laughed at the lady and tapped her chin with her finger as if she was thinking.

"Let's see, Lord Knight likes to eat meat a lot. He loves fried meat and beef soup." Ella repeated what Lucy said trying to remember the details and looked at the sun slowly going down the horizon.

"Alright, Lucy, tell the cook to prepare the necessaries for beef soup

into a beauty. And when the time came, the Lord had tasted her first. He was looking for a chance it have her later but damnation, Lord had to make her his Lady.

His daughter who was ought to be the Lady was now serving the wench as a maidservant.

How did the Lord do it? Why did he marry Ella when he had so many well bred ladies, if not Blythe. He could've gotten any lady to be by his side as his wife, then why a nobody like Ella. It was so abrupt.

Knox could not believe that Ella charmed him to take her as his wife just in a single night. Not a doubt that Ella was a blossomed beauty but to make a Lord marry her, no there was something else that was transmitted between the Lord and Ella.

"Then you need to find out why you feel that way, Knox. May be you should hunt for your answers." Madonna gave a sly smile, provoking Knox to unearth the dark side of Lord Knight. She was getting excited to know how the Lord will deal with Knox when he comes to know about it.

Madonna couldn't help but think of the way Lord would use to torment Knox. Knox deserved it. Years ago when he approached her for a remedy to get out of famine, she told them to get a young maiden married to a corpse. She never expected the town head and the town to murder the innocent Ella's family only to force her to abide them.

"I wonder what the Lord would do when he comes to know that the famine that hit the town years ago was actually produced by you." Madonna almost burst into laughter when she saw Knox's face filled with shock and terror. His eyes went wide and mouth gaped at the mere thought of assuming the future.


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