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Ella couldn't be happier at that moment, the moment when her tutor was praising her for her first artwork. It was a simple painting of a sunflower but still it was her first painting ever and she loved how the slim brush can create such blend of colors.

It always amazed Ella how nature had such fine hue of reflections. From a dirty looking brown sand to the emblazing yellow sun, everything amazed her.

It was unfortunate that she couldn't enjoy the beauty before due to many pits life had thrown her into. But now that chance came, she couldn't contain her excitement within herself. She liked Xander a little bit more for giving her the opportunity to experience something like that.

"Excellent, My Lady." The governess smiled making Ella smile brightly in return. "You have a great style in mixing colors, My Lady. Next time we will learn how to extract yellow coloring from dandelions." And Ella's joy knew no bounds. She would learn how to get a color from flowers and that was the best thing for her.

"Are you enjoying, darling?" She heard raspy whisper of her husband from behind which startled her. She raised her head up to find her tutor and Lucy nowhere to be seen. She slowly turned back to see Xander bent down to her level, giving her a heated gaze.

"How was it? Do you like it?" Xander wrapped his hands around Ella's waist pulling her close to him. He was smiling like a bamboozle looking at the content looking on his lovely wife's face. What could he not give to get such a smile from his wife.

"Yes. Miss Panford is a sweet woman and she taught me how to make a simple bouquet of three flowers and I also learnt how to paint a simple flower. I made a sunflower with yellow, green and orange colors." Xander chuckled when Ella hugged him in enthusiasm. He felt like he won the whole planet when he noticed the utter joy in Ella's eyes.

Yet, on the other side he was raging with the thirst to taste blood of every single person who snatched such innocent happiness from her. He felt like tearing everyone from limb to limb who were responsible for causing such pain to an innocent girl like his Ella.

If he should, then he would be going to the lengths of selling himself to the devil if in return he could bring such cheerful smile on her face.


make a note of it that no one should be severely hurt." The Lord continued looking at the vast lush of grassland. Lyndon nodded his head but still couldn't follow what the Lord was up to.

"What is running in that mind of yours, My Lord?" Lyndon's confusion caused a chuckle from the Lord. The Lord lips, no doubt, have a smile on it but his eyes were raging red. The thirst for blood flooded back into his veins with a rush and Lyndon swayed back a few steps with the amount of power the Lord is emitting.

A wave of dark fog hit Lyndon which caused him to gasp and he knew where it came from. The Lord! The Lord was enraged and the powerful wave was just a hint that he was getting fired up to take a very dangerous step.

"To haunt Shadowvalor." Lord Knight laughed maliciously and turned back to Lyndon with such evil sneer that can even bring a devil to his knees. Lyndon know, only Lyndon knows this side of the Lord and he suddenly had an urge to pray for the town people. They were going to be in deep trouble the coming days. He knew it.

"Where is the pleasure in killing those people, Lyndon? It would be amusing if each one of them suffer double the pain they cause Ella. Soon, the whole town of Shadowvalor will be haunted by the curse of Ella, Lyndon and it would be so interesting to watch them suffer." Lord's red eyes glittered in dark amusement and the sneer on his lips turned into an anticipating smile.

He would make them all suffer but slowly… very slowly, taking his sweet time.


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