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The Entire Knights castle was buzzing with excitement the next morning. Everyone was indulged in completing their chores quickly and impress their Lady on her first day. It was like there was huge celebration taking place when a spectator looks at the excited staff preparing everything that their Lady may need.

Lyndon was given special orders by the Lord to arrange a carriage for the Lady specially if she wanted to go out anytime. Lucy was given the responsibility tagging along with Lady Ella everywhere she goes and looks after her.

The whole castle was preparing for this day from years and when the time came that their Lord finally swooped his Lady, everything they have done till that moment fell lacking.

"We have an early breakfast everyday and it will be served just on time. You need to keep up with the time and Lucy will help you understand few other trivial rules." Xander spoke up once he pulled a chair for Ella in the dining room. He couldn't express the amount of joy he was feeling the moment he sat beside her as her husband.

Ella nodded her head slightly trying to remember the rules. She still couldn't get the fact into her head that she was now wife of a Lord and she was now a Lady. Though she didn't know why she was involved in the marriage with the Lord, she did felt a sense of peace from the past couple days.

No doubt there are many rules and disciplinary policies that set boundaries, but following them was not tough. They were simple and definite that needs to be acted upon at the given circumstance; otherwise she was free to do anything she liked and go anywhere that would give her the enjoyment.

What Ella liked the most about all the set of rules system was, they were not just for the staff or the visitors but the Lord himself follow them too. Xander was a person of limits. He makes them, follows them and makes certain others follow them too.

"Hmm." Ella hummed in positive after hearing another couple of simple rules and nodded in understanding. Xander couldn't help but smile at his adorable wife who was making an effort to learn his way of living and not just learning but understand it too.

He knew she was still hesitant around him but that was expected. She had many questions and many puzzles that she was looking up to solve them. Though his secrets were dark and implausible, he would give her the answers slowly in due time s

upper." Blythe blinked her eyes in bafflement at the orders.

He wanted her to serve that wench like a maidservant?

"M-My Lord, You want me to serve her like a maid?" She gathered an ounce of courage and questioned his commands. The Lord raised his brow at her with a mocking smile ever present on his lips.

"Aren't you one?" He chuckled in humor. "Aren't you a maidservant here? Miss Garrick, you are nothing more than a maid who was kept here to serve me and my Lady." His answer brought a series of tears in Blythe's eyes. She didn't understand why the Lord has chosen Ella over her.

She did not understand why the Lord has made her a maid in the castle.

"Why? Why am I here, My Lord?" The Lord erupted into a bout of laughter and walked close to Blythe with strong predator steps. Blythe took a step backwards in utter fear which the Lord liked a lot. He caught her jaw in a strong grip and pulled her face up so she could see the danger swirling in his eyes.

"You are one of the many people because of whom my Ella suffered a lot. And unlike others, your punishment is not death. Death is not an interesting punishment for you. Your punishment for degrading and shaming my Ella all those years will be killing you every moment of your life. You will be a servant on call and will serve my Lady and look at the amusing thing here, you cannot do anything about it rather than doing as you were told to." The Lord's evil chuckle brought Goosebumps on her skin.

He was going to fulfill his promise no matter what and Blythe was scared that she couldn't do anything.


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