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"Why would I ever be in dungeons?" Gode exclaimed with a knowing smile and pulled out from the hug. She walked towards the table and pulled the vanity chair near the dining table and sat on the other side. When she found Ella still standing by the door where she left her, she motioned her to take her seat.

"Why are you sitting here?" The Lord grumbled in annoyance and Gode could only chuckle at him.

Ella couldn't understand what was going on there. Why was Gode there and why was she so unaffected by the Lord.

"Ah, to have supper. I am already famished." Gode served generous amount of food on her plate and started eating it.

"This was supposed to be a supper for only newlyweds." The Lord groused again and his scowl deepened when Gode did not mind him much and continued swallowing the food. Ella, on the other side is as much confused as before as she still couldn't figure out what was actually conducting between the Lord and her friend.

Ella could only look at the both grumbling at each other and squabbling. Her husband surprised her when he pulled her chair near to his and assorted the delicacies in her plate.

"You must eat. You are already so frail." He brought a spoonful of food to her lips. She looked surprised at his action but still opened her mouth and allowed him to feed her.

Why was he being so nice to her?

"I will be back to Shadowvalor by the dawn, and then you can have your newlywed moments." She spoke with mouthful of food. "Now that my part of the work is done, I need to show myself to the town before any suspicion arises." She completed, wiping her mouth with a towel and looked towards Ella with soft eyes.

"Your part of the work? What work are you talking about?" Ella asked looking at Gode suspiciously. She sensed that her friend was keeping many secrets from her and most of the secrets were relating to her.

"Your husband will explain you slowly. Now that I had my supper, I need to go or else the looks of your husband is telling me I would not be safe if I do not see myself out right this moment." Gode stood and hugged Ella kissing both her cheeks and raised her eyebrow at the Lord challengingly.

"Excellent. You need to leave now. Go stay in the town like you always been and inform me if there is anything strange." Lord Knight nodded at her and called Lyndon to accompany Gode safely to Shadow

you say about my husband." Ella's hands were in fists and her eyes were spitting green fire from them. Her whole face turned red and there was no better sight for Xander than to watch his meekly wife turn fiery. The sight was arousing.

"Um hmm, why not, he was just a foul stinking carcass and you don't even remember his face and moreover, I am your husband not that already rotten vermin." Xander was provoking Ella and he was loving it. The meek, docile and a scared Ella was not his preferred, rather he like the provoked, fiery and raging Ella.

Ella looked at the Lord who was speaking rubbish about her husband and she couldn't take it. No doubt Xander was her husband at present but her first husband was respectable as well. She didn't know which family Alexander, her first husband belonged to and she does not care for the details too; but she did not like someone degrading Alexander. Her first husband was her companion from past five years and she might not know how he looks or what kind of person he was but she always respected him.

"You have no right to talk about Alexander. When you don't know him then all you have to do was at least respect him and his soul. Do not disrespect him." Ah, that wild fire in her eyes that was pulling Xander to wind it even more. She looked exceptional with the anger adorning her beautiful face and it made him even happier to see her shielding her husband.

Xander pushed Ella on the soft bed and pinned her body with his, smiling sweetly at her.

"Glad to know you have such respect and love for m-"


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