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"What?" The room heard the loud bellow of Knox who stood frozen with eyes widened in shock.

"Love, you get to our bedroom and wait for me." Lord Knight smiled at Ella and gestured Lucy to take her to the bedroom. While Ella exited the hall in a melancholic trance, Lord Knight couldn't help but look at the retreating Ella with desire and love.

"Lord Knight, - " Knox gasped out when he heard his daughter's name called out by the Lord. Lord Knight shouted for Lyndon and asked him to lead Miss Garrick to the hall. The room fell in to a disbelieving silence when Knox was still standing with mouth hanging low.

"I like your daughter, Knox. She impressed me with her genuine gestures and effort. Such a proud father you are to have such a daughter." Lord Knight sighed in a feigning astonishment while Knox could only look at the Lord with a blank face not understanding if it was compliment or something else.

In the intervening time, Lyndon escorted Blythe to the crowded hall, leaving her in the middle of the hall beside her father. Blythe bowed to the Lord but did not dare to raise her eyes and look at the Lord nor at anyone in the room. Her face was devoid of any expression. She was just standing there like a doll that is waiting for its owner to play with.

"Blythe, what the heck is happening here?" Knox whispered harshly in Blythe's ear but Blythe just stood with the same vacant face. It was like she did not hear anything that her father said to her or seemed like she schooled her emotions as if she needs consent of someone to change it.

Knox was perplexed at his daughter's indifferent person. He didn't know what the hell was happening. The Lord had so easily wedding a wench and his daughter was unresponsive like a clay doll. He wondered what has happened so suddenly that his daughter was like that.

"Miss Garrick" Lord Knight called out in an authoritative tenor.

"Yes, My Lord." Blythe answered in a polite tone that subjects use towards the royals. Her response was so neutral and meek that surprised Knox out o wits.

What in the name of God has happened to his daughter?

"You are responsible in preparing my room for my wedding night

What was his meaning behind marrying her? He was a Lord to the whole Northern region, a noble then why would he wed her when any aristocrat lady would be happy to comply with him?

Why her, then?

Was he with an ulterior motive behind his actions as well? Was he going to exploit her for his own benefits?

"You will know. You will know slowly. What is with your hurry, he is now your husband Lady Ella" She heard a familiar female voice from behind.

Ella gasped at the approaching figure of the person she wished to see from quite some time. Her eyes were filled with water but her lips were flourishing with a smile. She couldn't shake of the joy she felt at that moment.

Ella stood up from her chair and cupped her mouth with her hands not believing whom she is seeing. She looked at the Lord briefly who was smiling at her with affection and adoration.

Ella ran towards the approaching female and hugged her, mumbling incoherent words which either of them understood.

She was safe. She was unharmed. Her friend was unharmed and she couldn't ask for more. Thanks to the God who rescued Gode from the evils.

"I missed you. Where were you? How are you? Were you in the dungeons, Gode?" Ella's continuous inquiry was responded with a laugh.

"Calm down, friend. Calm down. Take a breath. What will happen to me?" Gode tossed a smirk to the Lord which he returned as he lifted the glass of wine and toasted it in air.


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