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What was happening?

Ella could not understand what the Lord was trying to do. But what shocked her the most was she was there as a sacrifice to give up her virtue and Lord Knight was the person who took it from her without any hassle.

She gave in to him so easily and so naturally that it did not make her ashamed. Why? Why wasn't she ashamed of herself? Why couldn't she hate herself for stooping so low as to giving away herself without a do?

Ella looked over to Lord Knight with teary eyes unable to understand his plot behind wedding her. He got what he wanted then why, why does he want to have her as his wife?

She was confused with herself. Neither she could like the person who loved her the previous night nor could she hate him for taking her to his bed. Something… something about the Lord felt familiar to her. Something about the Lord felt deep and touching; felt linking to her.

"Come on darling, we have a wedding to do." Lord Knight pulled Ella into his arms and took her to his throne where Father Alys was standing with the hands joined politely to his front.

"I - I don't want to – " Ella was not given a chance to complete her words and Lord Knight said something shocking to her which terrorized to her core.

"Are you certain you do not wish for this, darling?" The lord enclosed her in his arms and whispered her ear with a naughty edge in his tone.

He was playing with her and she knew it. He found it amusing to play with her like all the other people did.

"I was already married." Ella answered shortly and tried to pull out from his hold but his hold only tightened.

Ella could not be disloyal to her husband and moreover she did not trust the Lord. She somehow knew he wouldn't hurt her. Not her. But still something inside was telling her to run away from him as far as she can. A voice inside her was warning her that the Lord has many more hidden shades inside him which she couldn't abide with.

"Ah, the marriage. How can I forget that? You looked so beautiful, just like a goddess." Lord Knight nuzzled her cheek with his nose and sniffing her face. "So beautiful and so sweet."

Ella's body stiffened and pulled her face away from him to look into his eyes. What was he

ck, Ella."Knox continued with an acid tone towards Ella. Ella palpitated at the look Knox gave her and in reflex she caught the Lord's hand in a tight grip which the latter assured her by pressing his hand to hers.

"Ella? Did you just address your Lady of honor with no respect?" The Lord's commanding bellow startled the crowd, particularly Knox. Knox gulped in fear and shook his head in negative, bowing down to Ella in apology.

"I heartily apologize, My Lady. Please forgive me." Knox was burning with rage to be bowing down to Ella. But in the sequence, the only person who was enjoying it was the Lord. Making the people bow to his woman who had hurt her was fun.

Ah, look at the people bowing down to his Ella! Such a magnificent sight it was.

Rubbing the fact of Ella being their chief Lady on their faces would be a great way of avenging for the tears of his Ella. These vermin pained his wife for years and he would punish them, each and every one of them slowly. He would not give them a quick penalty, where is the fun in that. He would take his time and leisurely hurt them. Just when they would cope up with one wound, he would give another.

Everyone in Shadowvalor would experience hell on earth.

"Excellent. Lucy, take your Lady to my room and prepare her for the wedding night. Tell Miss Garrick to adorn the room as per Lady Ella's wish." The Lord's smirk turned wider when he heard villagers gasp and Knox look up towards him utter shock.


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