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It was not true.

He – He cannot possibly be the Lord!

Ella's eyes widen at the powerful man who was sitting so majestically on the throne, looking every inch of a breathing danger. His eyes were dark emitting wild fire but the smirk on his lips was camouflaging the menace lurking inside him.

Was he even the same person she saw the previous night? Was he even Xander, he claimed to be?

Waves of fear hit her when the Lord's smirk widened at the shocked faces of the villagers.

"My Lord?" Town head was confused as to what the Lord was citing at. The villagers looked appalled equally. But amidst all this the only person who did not understand the situation was Ella.

"O – One more ritual, My Lord?" Knox knew better than to not question a Lord, not Lord Knight particularly. His face paled when the Lord drew an eyebrow upwards looking at the audacity of talking before a Lord with no requisite respect.

"Knox Garrick, a town head in my region. I am quite impressed you have a impudence to raise an octave." Lord Knight chuckled darkly sending ripples of terror in to the villagers and Knox.

Knox paled and his body stiffened in the immense power the Lord's words carried. He felt like his whole body and senses were in the control of the Lord. Dark eerie fog started swirling around the room with every moment Lord Knight's eyes darken. The amused smirk was still present on his lips but his eyes were speaking volumes.

He did not like to be questioned.

"Lyndon, - "The Lord called for his butler but his eyes were fixed on the shivering Ella. His breath hitched when Ella raised her head and looked into his eyes with tears. There was something in her eyes that he did not like in them. Fear.

Fear of him.

Lyndon nodded his head and walked to the other side of the room. A moment later, he brought in a person who was in church clothes.

"My Lord, the priest is here." Lyndon announced and stepped back bowing to the Lord. Lord Knight nodded his head pleased and stood up clearing his throat.

"You all must be wondering why I had summoned you all to the court room all of a sudden." Lord Knight stepped down from the platform in a slow predator steps. The villagers face was filled with mixture of fear, confusion and apprehension. It was not the news he was going to announce that caused the anxiety but it was the Lord himself. He looked like a dark mysterious superhuman with an invisible power over others.

"The lady here, Ella Rosemane, was brought here to the Knightsfort castle with an expectation to receive consent from me to fulfi

no one like Ella was one that the Lord chose? He was expecting his daughter's name to be called out and he was imagining his daughter to come through the door wearing a white wedding gown.

She was supposed to be the Lord's wife and the Lady of Honor. It was her place and it was his necessary to have her in that place.

"No, you cannot." Knox's sentence calmed the room into utter silence and the Lord raised an eyebrow quite wittily.

"And why can't I?" The Lord challenged Knox to say out the reason for the disapproval to which Knox stood in his stop his head held low.

Knox cannot give a sole proper reason for his disapproval. He was a smart man and he knew that Ella was a bad woman just because he caused it to be that way. He knew that if he spoke any word further, it would be his doom since the Lord is the most dangerous person he had ever known of.

"Ella Rosemane has sacrificed her life years ago for the town and this time again she was ready to sacrifice her virtue for the town. She is a beautiful woman, an obedient and a docile creature and most of all, I was the only man who ever touch her. Ella is not just a good woman for me but she is a perfect woman for me. Her love for you all is the credential that is needed to become a Lady of honor." The whole room fell into silence. Villagers were disgusted with the shameless woman who has done this to the Lord.

How can such filthy dirt become wife to the great Lord of the Northern region?

"Father Alys, The groom and the bride are ready to take their vows. The people are happily waiting to serve their new Lady. Start the ceremony." Lord Knight hollered, setting Ella to her feet and holding her arm in a tight grip.


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