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Exhausted and well spent Ella right away drowned into a dreamless sleep. She was feeling so light and peaceful which she shouldn't. She had given in to passion instinctively and what bothered her most was, it felt right.

How come spending a passionate night with an unknown man is so right? So pure?

Who was this person who was always around her in shadows? Who was this person with whom she frequently finds herself in a compromising situation?

Who exactly was Xander?

Why does she feel an air of home around him?

"Sleep well, Ella." She heard Xander whisper in her ear and kiss her forehead and in mere moments she was in a deep sleep.

Xander couldn't take his eyes off the sleeping beauty in his arms. How long has he waited for this divine moment to have her in his arms, close to him, close to his heart.

How long he has dreamt of kissing her all night and day?

It was years of desperation to touch her flowery cheeks, to twirl the locks of her red hair around his fingers, to hug her tightly so she would never leave him again, to kiss her deeply so he could mark her as his.

Now that he has her with him lastly, he was overwhelmed with all the mounded up love and affection for her.

"You are finally with me, My Ella. I had waited for this moment from long years." He murmured to Ella's sleeping figure and continuously kissed her face.

Xander gathered her in his arms close to him tightly and snuggled into her hair, drifting into contented sleep.


The sharp rays of sun woke up Ella with a loud groan. It was late hour in the morning still she wanted to take liberty with herself and sleep a little more. The comfortable soft bed was like weaved with clouds and she doesn't want to open her eyes.

Where was she?

Was she on clouds?

She slowly opened her eyes with a whimper and instantly closed then due to the light that was emitting from the window.


Wasn't that the same window…!

She sat up with a jolt remembering everything that took place the previous night. The blanket fell down from her and cool breeze hit her skin, making her quiver. Looking down, she found herself in a long man shirt with no undergarments.

Where is he? He was not in the bed?

She evidently memorize that the previous night when she was in a heated moment with Xander, hanging to the line of duvets, she was clothed in the pretty gown. Then how was she in a thin fabric of silk shirt in the morning?

Goodness! What had she done? She was married for God's sake!

Why – why did she give in to him yet… yet she felt so good? She shouldn't feel that way. It was a sin. She sinned then why the feel of belongingness is overwhelming all her senses.

She touched the silk shirt tenderly with her fingers and sniffed it. It smelt like raindrops in a heavy forest, fresh and wild. It was his smell.

It was how Xander always sme

Lord's regal chair was sitting. The room was filled with people and one look at them; she recognized every face of the crowd.

The whole town was present there?

But for what reason?

The room fell silent and everyone was looking at her in a stiff posture. She couldn't understand what was happening there. The maid took her to a chair close to the Lord's chair and was made her sit there.

Not moments later, the whole crowd bowed further, keeping their head down. That was when she heard the loud resonance of powerful footsteps. She too bowed her head deeply not wanting to trigger the Lord's anger. She has no courage to lift her head up and look at the Lord.

She felt stiff and apprehensive. Did she do anything wrong for her to be there in a court room?

She heard the Lord sit on his chair but didn't dare to look at him.

"My Lord, Shadowvalor is tremendously rejoicing that the Lord has supported them. We are grateful to you for taking part in the ritual even though it was not His Grace's concern." Knox flattered the Lord with the speech. The Lord nodded his head with a smirk. The smirk that would even make the evil of the evils shivers in fear. The Lord looked too relaxed which made the villagers and Knox shift with an edgy feeling.

"If you may allow me, My Lord, I would throw the wench out of you sight as you might be bothered by the looks of her." Knox said and inched towards the sitting Ella, who was silent and tearful.

"Nah nah, Knox Garrick. The ritual is not complete yet. There is still one last thing to do." The Lord announced authoritatively and Knox's steps faltered to a stop.

That voice. That… voice…

Ella looked to look at the source of voice and found the familiar person sitting in the chair of the Lord. He eyes widened in shock and surprise while her mouth hung down in a gasp.

No, not possible. This is not true…

Xander… Xander was the…


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