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Ella stiffened when she heard the familiar voice of a stranger who took liberty with her at hot springs. She couldn't forget that voice. The voice that developed plethora of chills in her body…

He snuggled his head into curvy neck and breathed in fresh smell of feminine. Her hold on the channel of cloth quivered when he traced his lips on the length of her neck.

"Hmm, I need to reward the staff. You look so stunning, My Ella." He hummed in her ears seductively inhaling the flowery womanly smell. "So stunning and so delicious that I am excited to introduce to the world of pleasure in the position we are in." He wrapped the loose end of the duvet around one of his ankle and wrapped the upper part of the cloth around one of his wrist into a stable hanging position.

He slowly removed her hold and the channel of cloth while his other leg that was wrapped around her waist is supporting her body in a comfortable position.

Ella's breath hitched and no sound came from her mouth other than the raging intake air. She was meant to run away from whomever person she was sold to then how come she was yet again trapped in the hold of a familiar stranger that she did not even know how he look.

"I – How – are you – here?" Ella's stuttering question amused the man in a bout of laughter. He quickly pulled her front to his and without giving her a chance to finally see his face; he leaned in near to her ear sniffing her hair with a sensual hum.

"I – want to get away from here." Ella spoke again wrapping her hands around his neck, holding him with her life.

"Why?" His question brought tears in Ella's eyes. May be… just maybe this stranger can help her get away from there.

"I assume I was sold to someone here for possibly a sexual purpose." The man hummed in reply and started peppering kisses along her jaw. "Please stop. I shouldn't be doing this with you. I am married woman." Ella tried to push his body away from hers as much there was possibility.

"This is not a sin, Darling. Doing it with me is not at all a sin. It is how it should be and we are going to be how we are meant to be." The stranger said and pulled his head from her neck and brought it right in front of hers, nose to nose and forehead to forehead.

Ella opened her eyes slowly to look at the man who has been developing the

"I- "She couldn't bring out words out of her mouth. She was too spent to even express what she was feeling right then.

"Tell me you want to explore the unknown darkness of bliss, darling." She whimpered when he pulled out himself out of her.

She did not know why she was not feeling ashamed of herself for giving away to a stranger man so easily when she was a married woman. She loved her husband so much though she did not know how he looked and what type of person he was. Yet, what she did was this stranger man felt so right, so pure.

But what surprised her most was who was this man and why was he after her. She was a dirty blood woman as stated by the town then why was this handsome and mysterious looking man with her?

"Who are you?" Ella asked looking into his eyes. Her eyes looked exhausted but there was a spark of contentment in them. Exhaustion was spreading through her and sleep was slowly embracing her.

"Xander."He looked at her with adoration and love and tugged her head into his chest, patting her head whispering sweet nothings in her ear.

"I am your Xander." He whispered again, binding the loose end of the duvets around them tightly, climbing them to the room again with the sleeping Ella in the safety of his arms.

"Xander…" Ella murmured in her sleep to which He smiled at her lovingly.

"After a lot of plotting, you are final where you should be. I will never let you go away from me again, Ella." Xander placed Ella on the bed tenderly and joined her, pulling her back into his arms.


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