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Ella was puzzled and lost.

What was going on there and where was she?

She did not even know why she was taken to the Knights castle and for what reason. Everything that happened to her before she lost her consciousness doesn't make any logic.

"Please close your eyes, Miss. We are to put some scented powder on them." The maid whispered respectfully to which Ella complied as asked to. She didn't knew why a group of maids were working on her to make her look beautiful.

The moment she woke up in the large deluxe bed in an unknown room, she was followed by maids who seemed so excited to serve her. She asked them why she was there but the maids just told her that they didn't know anything. She was given food and a healthy drink as soon as she woke up. Once she was done eating, the maids rushed her to the bathroom and bathed her with scented herbs and oils.

Ella was getting nervous as time went on. Why was she being decked up was still a puzzle for her. She asked where the town head and other men were who brought her there but she was only answered with 'you will know in awhile.'

"Lucy" Ella called out and Lucy who was working on her hair stopped what she was doing and looked at her with a polite smile.

"Why are you decorating me? Is this how I will be slaughtered? The witch's solution for the disaster was to slaughter me after decorating me, isn't it?" Ella asked softly looking at Lucy with questioning eyes. Lucy opened her mouth to assure her but closed it immediately as the Lord banned everyone to tell anything to Miss Ella.

Lucy could only smile at her, "You will know in a while, Miss. Rest assured, you will not be slaughtered." She answered shortly and completed making Ella's hair.

Once Ella's face was made up, Lucy got a pretty pink evening gown adorned with flower works and crystal stones. The gown looked extraordinary.

"Miss, take off the robe we need to get you into this beautiful gown." Lucy stated tugging on the loose knot of the Ella's robe.

"But Lucy, this gown is for me? Why?" Ella stepped back a little and looked at the lavish gown. The more she was taken care of the more petrified she was getting.

She was never treated this nice by people and when all the ladies around were rushing to make her a good looking lady, she couldn't understa

better if she was dead but if she end up alive with broken limbs, it would be another hell for her for the rest of her life.

With shaking hands, she wrapped the cloth around her hand and slowly got down from the window sill finding a pipe to put her leg on.

'Do not look down. Do not look down' Ella kept chanting to herself and closed her eyes before loosing the grip and the cloth slightly; enough to slide her down a little. A moment immediately, she again held the duvet tightly and saw that she only descended only half a foot.

A sob broke out of from her mouth. Oh dear, how was she to reach the land safely? She would certainly break her skeleton in the process.

She has lost her sense to escape this way!

Many moments later, Ella finally geared up courage to descend a little more. She loosened the grip again and slid down in a fast pace. Ella was panicked and caught the duvet tightly looking upwards to find herself halfway through her journey.

Ella breathed out harshly and leaned her head on the wall and closed her eyes in relief. Her hands lost strength but she held the duvet with her life. Her legs were dangling in air, searching for some kind of support.

"Running away, aren't we?" She heard a familiar raspy whisper into her ear from behind. A pair of hands covered hers which were on the cloth and leg was wrapped around her waist pulling her into a warm body.

Ella gasped at the sudden voice coming from just behind her and feeling the familiar heat.

How – what – how was he there?


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