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"I'm scared, Gode." Ella pointed out her concern to her friend. She was on the verge of crying but was holding back.

How she wish she was never this vulnerable and weak!

She wished she was carefree and strong like others.

"Scared? Why?" Gode asked in a feigning confusion while she was trying to conceal the twitch at the corner of her lips.

"The town." Ella looked out of the small window of her cabin and sighed helplessly. "They are keeping a close eye on me from the past few days. It was as if they are making certain I cannot leave anywhere from here." Ella was getting anxious with the behavior of the villagers.

Why were they suddenly so conscious about her? She knew that whenever the villagers were being careful, she was trouble.

Were they planning something for her again?

"Do you think they are going to do something again like they did five years ago?" Tears rolled down her eyes and drenched her heart with immense panic.

Ella doesn't know what to perceive the situation as. The question of what if she was forced to do something again was piercing her heart. The villagers being cruel and selfish can easily make her submit to their wishes.

What would happen to her then?

No, she cannot be a patsy again and be a part of their sins but she cannot run away from there even if she wished too. She always wanted to run away far and lead a life of peace but she couldn't with the villagers having her in close watch.

This is not what she wished her life to be. She might as well lead her life in this cabin with her husband's grave until natural death embrace her than get butchered by the selfish people again and again.

Why couldn't they realize that she was a human too and she feels pain too? From whatever they were doing, they might not kill her physically or hurt her bodily but they were pricking her with pain every moment of her living.

Can't they understand a simple thing that she could feel hurt too? Are they that blind to notice anything other than their own motives?

"Do not fret. The villager's temporary shelter was just on the other side of the hill so it is not odd to find them loitering here and there. They must be looking for place to make another hut possibly." What Gode said was true. She knew what her fr

pit of her stomach. She was feeling the way from few days and couldn't put finger on the apprehensive feeling she was experiencing.

The stillness unnerved her. But it was too late for her to realize that it was calm before the storm.

Gode was not in the hut from the early hours of the morning and Ella took it upon herself to clean the stalling rain water from her husband's grave. She was hoping that the work help her from the bad sensation she was going through.

It took her some time to clean the muddy grave and the water around it. There were many poisonous weeds around the grave that took good amount of energy for her to clean them.

She felt better when she was near her husband's grave. It gave her a sense of safety though her faceless husband was buried six feet under and possibly almost one with the soil by now.

"Ella." She heard a familiar male voice and the sinking feeling was back. She knew whose voice it was. She was well aware of the tone and voice. Ella's body stiffened.

She does not wish to turn back and look at the person when she all the well knew that he was always a carrier of bad news for her.

"You are ordered to be present by the town shelter right this instant." Byron, Town head's subordinate, said in a clipped tone.

Tears rolled down her face when she turned around and noticed few more men standing few steps away from them.

Oh no no. this could not be happening again. No this is not happening with her again.

Oh Lord, please help her!


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