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"The earlier period of three months of cyclone has taken many lives, killed many families and destroyed many villages around. I feel deeply ashamed of being an incapable town head when I could not help the town in any manner. I lost to cyclones. I was lost to nature. I failed to protect you all." Knox started a very convincing emotional speech, sniffling at every word he spoke.

There many people present in the temporary shed on the top of hills they made. The whole village was present there, to the meeting that was scheduled to talk about the important issue at hand right now.

The Witch's remedy.

"Not at all, Knox. You have done an amazing work in taking care of the town. It was the cruel nature that played evil against us but we are pleased to know that you went to her sacred witch to solve our concern." Knox's evil mind grinned in satisfaction when a villager spoke. He knew that the villagers are completely in his grip but situations like this made him happy to know that he has the final say in everything and those people are nothing but pawns in his game.

It made him so powerful to have such power over people and that was how his greed to become the God of everyone raised to life.

"Good to know you support me, dear villagers. Now talking about the remedy that her sacred greatness suggested was – " Knox heaved lung full of breath and looked over the large hall with a feigning guilt and helpless look.

Such a great performer Knox Garrick was. He knew exactly how to trap people into beliefs.

"What is it, Sire. Please hesitate not. We are prepared to do anything to save our town." An old lady from the group spoke out loudly making everyone shout in unison 'yes we will do anything' repeatedly.

"To calm the mother nature, we need to … we need to – " Knox looked around hall of people once again gauging their expression, "- we need to look for a virgin widow and sacrifice her virtue out of a religious bond." Knox made such to whisper in a helpless manner.

The villagers gasped in horror at the solution the witch gave. They were not shocked about the solution itself but they were more worried to find such widow.

The villagers were blind believers of nonsensical values and can do anything if it was not them or their family that was hurting. Cold hearted and idiocy was their mind-set.

"How are we going to fi

vulnerable poor Ella, they need to hurt her weakness which was her family and they succeeded in breaking a lovely pure soul like Ella.

The villagers worked together and burnt Ella's family in front of her eyes and tied her to the tree letting her witness her family tuning to ashes.

And she broke.

She became a living corpse, precisely what the villagers needed – a maiden who can do their bidding without talking back.

The town did not even give her the time to grieve for her family and dragged to the burial ground deep in the woods. They tied her hands and legs, forcefully equipped her like a bride and dug the fresh looking grave to found a man's body which did not start to rot. That night, they did not even care to look at the man to know if was young or old but they just called for a priest and officiated nuptial with the blank looking emotionless Ella.

"Right. Ella is a widow and she was married to a corpse so she has her virtue intact as well." Joan grinned in triumph and looked at the person who suggested her name.

How come they forgot her?

Ella! She was a perfect person to be held offering.

"Gode, thank you. You are right. Ella is a perfect sacrifice. She was once a patsy and can be used again as one for the welfare of the region." Gode grinned at Joan and winked in an unladylike manner.

"I will immediately notify town head regarding this." One of the maiden stood up and walked out towards Knox Garrick for which Gode gave the young ladies a chilling smirk which the others responded with an evil one each.


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