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"Let me" Blythe took the bowl and ladle from the maid giving her a sweet smile. "Let me serve you, My Lord." She hissed sweetly like a serpent.

"Ah, not worry, Miss Garrick. The help will do their job." Lord Knight replied her in a knowingly. He was hiding his smile whenever he looked at Blythe's desperate attempts to impress him.

"Nah, My Lord. My papa once said that a well bred woman should know how to handle cutlery." Blythe smiled at the Lord idealistically hinting about her inner feelings. Lord Knight understood it. What she was trying to do and why she was doing it, he understood as he was no fool.

Blythe was getting tired of behaving like a person of a below class. She always enjoyed the role of a Town head's daughter; powerful and above all but coming to the castle, it was getting a tedious trade of being at someone else's mercy. No matter if the man who was in charge was the man she fancies but she likes being the one in control.

"Don't dear. Your stay here is for few mere days; once you go back I would be missing being served by you." She liked the relaxed Lord better; it made things clear for her. It was easy to talk and know him better. It was painless to indulge him.

"My Lord! Just command me and I would forever be in your service." Ah, now, wasn't that what he was waiting for? To be able to have complete control on this woman; to have her at his mercy and bend her to do his bidding

Lord Knight gave his ever so famous Cheshire cat grin making Blythe wonder what was running in his brain. In these few days of stay with the Lord, she did understand that the Lord was not a transparent person. He was too twisted and mysterious person that shows only the ice berg of his personality.

There was no qualm that she liked his smile but somewhere deep inside her brain, she was also being conscious and scared.

"What if you couldn't? You are a Lady of a right age to wed and once you start your marital life, you cannot keep your promise, dear." Lord Knight gently provoked Blythe. He was trying her and leading her into his web. He knew that she would get trapped in it without a doubt and he was just playing around innocent and dependent to make the drama healthier.

Oh, how he wished he could laugh out loud! The bliss that Blythe was try

Where he go alone in the dark into the forest alone without a lantern?

"You wanted to know where I was." His lips curled into a smirk and Blythe could not understand what the meaning behind it was. "Do you believe whatever I say, Miss alluring Garrick?" He asked inching towards her.

Blythe took a step back, one after the other, till her back came into contact with a wall. The Lord took predatory steps towards her and caged her between arms which were on either side of the wall.

Blythe took a stuttering breath and looked into the Lord's dark eyes. She was scared but she was enjoying the proximity. Blythe encircled her arms around the Lord neck and inched closer to his face.

"Try me." She whispered running her fingers on his chest. The smirk on the Lord's lips grew.

"What is I tell you that I am not just Lord Knight?"

Blythe rubbed the Lord's jaw with hers, "Then who are you?"

"The Lord of Night." The Lord whispered back sending a powerful shiver through her spine. Blythe was aroused by the dark vibes that were consuming her. She loved it. She felt thrilled to be consumed completely by the darkness the Lord is showing her.

"Um – hmm. So you like the darkness."

Lord Knight chuckled mysteriously, "I am the dark, dear." Lord Knight said and proceeded his lips to the shell of her ear, "Do not try to know something which may charge you heavily in future. Let the dark night hide the dangerous mysterious." Lord Knight whispered and left her in the room without turning back.


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