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Lord Knight whistled to a happy tune and skipped to his room with light steps. He was in a joyous frame of mind. He wanted to smile and laugh and think about the silly things that made him pleased as well burn his skin with intense need.

Oh, what he would not give to get what he wants in next to no time possible.

He was waiting for the events to turn out as he planned from years and at last when it was happening one by one, he was getting impatient. Impatient to possess what was his and will be only his forever.

Few more days… just few more days, chanting, he pacified his crave.

"My Lord, the dinner is served hot and Miss. Garrick is waiting for you by now, sir." Lyndon expressed, skillfully buttoning down the Lord's cravat and pining the golden cufflinks in the right places.

"Very well, " Lord Knight sighed crisply. It was time to put the next part of the strategy into action.

Ah, how enjoyable it would be to see the handiwork in the final phase of his tactic.

Lord Knight was a great painter, sculptor and appreciates art and he was extremely excited to the see the final lines of his carving on the deserved. He would make a monument of them that would be remembers for centuries and not to forget the natural colors he use to paint.

"Are you, My Lord, going to get along with Miss Garrick's trials tonight?" Lyndon inquired, handing over the Lord's cane to him.

It was a crime to question the Lord, he knew it. No Lord is pleased to be questioned by the help under them but Lord Knight never cared about the typecast rules that were made by aristocrats whose nose was up in the sky.

He allowed his staff a considerable lenience in many affairs for long as they follow the rules he set up in his castle.

"Wouldn't it be fun to fall head over heels for her beauty?" Lord's lips curled into an amused smile giving his butler a friendly mischievous wink. "Beyond everything, you are quiet desperate to have a Lady in my life." Lyndon couldn't help but smile at his master's jest.

"And we are glad you found the woman of your dreams. All the staff, including me is just waiting for the moment you bring her here give her the charge of your life." Lyndon's genuine request made the Lord's heart well up in warmth.

"Good. Well then what is your impression on Miss. Garrick? Doesn't she have great qualities to be a Lady?" Lord Knight asked his butler in a calm yet serious tone but the laughter was clear in his red rimmed dark feral eyes.

your hospitality and your care towards me, My Lord. I am so grateful to have you look after me and my requirements." Blythe bowed a little and smiled sweetly at the smiling Lord.

Lord Knight placed his hand on her hand which was on the table and squeezed it telling her he was happy to have her there. That made Blythe smile widely.

In the meantime, the kitchen staff brought hot scrumptious food in large bowls and placed them on the table neatly in order.

"I was thinking about you the whole day and night, about your kind heart and caring self; and attempted to show my gratitude in the means of poetry." Blythe blushed, playing with the locket chain that was right on her chest, trying to bring his attention on them.

"Ah, that is wonderful. I cannot wait for your lovely lips to spell the gratitude" Lord rasped with a wolfish smile and traced his knuckles on the length of her arm.

'My Lord, oh my charming Lord

Falling ever darkly into

The ebony abyss of feral eyes, The groping images of

Your passionate kindness, Wrung my breath

With your caressing smile.

What you have done to me?

As the shadow of chaos

Shuddered my affections, My untainted heart

Burnt to ashes in love, In a torment of unimaginable

Unforgivable and unforgettable gratefulness.'

Blythe recited the verse smoothly looking into the Lord's eyes mesmerized and indulged.

Lord Knight smiled widely and pulled Blythe a little closer as much as the chair allows her to and placed his hand on her slim jaw tracing his fingers along the way.

"That was beautiful, just like you." Lord Knight whispered softly closing towards.


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