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Right by the next evening, Blythe received her father's correspondence, a response to her queries regarding the Lord. She sent off Lucy to bring her tea and snacks and opened the scroll, closing the doors of the room.

She read the content what her father has written for her and she was quite pleased to see that advice her father has given her.

'You need to capture his heart and attentions with your artistic and household skills as well use your beauty.' He wrote.

Blythe could not figure out what she should do about the mounting fear inside her for the Lord. However, she was also attracted to his monstrous side.

Blythe was just a town head's daughter and she was not a royal bred woman and she knew she had not many artistic skills to impress the Lord. But she was determined. She was no doubt scared tremendously as the Lord was the perilous person and she did not tread cautiously, she could end up in his entertainment cell in the dungeons.

She has never touched the needle and the wool to sew nor does she know anything about flower arrangement. Her father made sure to employee a maid to do them for her.

Then what artistic and household skills should she produce to get the Lord's heart?

Just in the moment of time, Lucy carried a tray filled with different assortments of fruits and snacks along with the kettle of steaming tea. She took a loaf of toasted bread and munched on it along with the warm tea, thinking about the further plan.

She looked at Lucy who was cleaning the writing table and thought of asking her about the Lord but immediately remembered how the staff here does not gossip. It would be helpful if she finds a willing person to share the secret information. It would solve many puzzles regarding the Lord but these senseless servant maids are too loyal to him.

"The Lord has ordered the kitchen staff to prepare supper of your taste, Miss. Kindly let me know your interested food and I will inform the staff." Lucy spoke once the cleaning was done.

"Oh, how wonderful Lord Knight is! I am utterly delighted to have his thoughtful attention." Blythe exclaimed in absolute amazement and clapped her hands in thrill. Lord made the first move to approach her and she will not let this chance to slip away.

Blythe wa

could not stop wondering how it would be giving herself completely to him.

She should not feel that way, yet there she was thinking about the minute detail every moment.

Was she so desperate for a man that she stooped to this low of enjoying another man's touch? Was she so pitiful and craving?

"For the very last time I am telling you, dear. You are not wrong dreaming of a man. You are not a wife. You are a widow who was forcefully sacrificed by the town to a corpse. The man you think as husband is dead even before accepting you as his wife. Therefore, if my opinion is considered then, you are not even a wedded girl. Thus, you are justified to do anything of your wish, moral or immoral." Gode enunciated every word firmly.

She was right. Ella was neither a wife nor a widow. She could not classify to which side she belong to. She was married no doubt but to a dead body. So what was she considered as?

She respects her husband. To her he was her family and her only family but the arrival of the mysterious stranger has affected her life in great lengths. She somehow knew that the watchful eyes she felt stalking her were the stranger's.

But Ella could not understand why that man was after her. She was not definitely in an advantageous situation nor was she wealthy.

Then why her?

Who was this unfamiliar person who seems to have a power over her? What are his intentions towards her?

If his intentions towards her were fair then why did he not let her see him?


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