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The stranger was twitching with the immense need flooding inside his body. He was getting drunk with the need he has for her. The feel of his skin touch her raw skin was producing a feral desire.

Desire to consume her.

Desire to strip her from all her shields.

Desire to have her under him panting and sweating.

He did not allow Ella to turn her head and see him for he did not want her to see him yet. He was planning a great occasion for it.

"Let me go." He heard her trying to sound stern but failed miserably.

The stranger man smiled and placed at hot searing kiss on her neck giving her a love bruise. One of his hands is fondling her treasures producing erotic sounds from her.

Ella was hazy. She could not understand why she was feeling so good despite of being touched against her will by a stranger whose face she did not see yet. She want to scold herself for feeling that way.

She was feeling right being in his arms, which she should not.

"Enjoy it, My Ella. Take the heat from me and fill it within." His whispers were so erotic that she could not do any judgment with her clouded mind.

He smelled her nape and slurped the water droplets from her skin. His hand travelled slowly on her front side of the body in a lazy vacation and stopped on her right thigh. He rubbed the skin over there delicately with his thumb and preceded it inside to her womanly cave.

The cold and freezing Ella suddenly started sweating surround by high temperature. Her throat clogged devoid of repudiation and her senses were high up on the clouds watching over her from afar.

What was she feeling? She should not feel the joy of someone else's touch on her. She was a married woman.

But… But why was she feeling so satisfied? So accomplished and so right? It felt like this was how it was supposed to be.

She was surprised that she was not disgusted with herself or with the stranger with whatever is taking place.

Was it because she was so desperate to be loved?

"End whatever thoughts you are having, darling. Follow your feelings blindly do not let your thoughts interrupt the bliss." The stranger licked her rosy cheesy and brought his thumb up to his mouth licking it thoroughly.

Ella stiffened when she realized where his thumb was and what it was doing.

Oh sacred angels, that felt so embarrassing yet… yet it felt so good.

The stranger was on his final thread of patience and the moment he tasted her desire for him, he lost it. He lost his control and the only thing that mattered was to have her bent on a large rock in the hot springs and bath her with his seeds.

He immediately pulled

e absolutely a reality.

But who is this man who was aiming for her? Did he not know that she was cursed? She was labeled as a diseased woman by the town and she was evil. Then why did this man targeted her despite of knowing that she was married?

"I, My Ella, am your fiancée. Soon, very soon you will be mine religiously and lawfully. Now, do not feel dismayed by your excitement over what we just did. This is right. What we did was absolutely right But I would like to deflower you on our wedding night, My darling. Be ready to be mine." She went pale at what he said. This was the first time he talked to her directly and it was of a proposal.

He sounded so confident and powerful that she wanted to know who he is and how he looks. It was still an unanswered question to her as to why he covered her eyes.

Is he not good looking or does he think I would be paranoid about it?

"I am married. I could not help but feel disgusted for enjoying our intimate time. I do not know who are you, what your intentions are towards me, how you look but still I had an amazing time of my life. I am sickened and I do not wish to be yours." Ella's sudden outburst was not a surprise to the stranger. Instead he was feeling proud to hear her loud and clear outburst.

"But, sweet Ella, it is not in your power to stop me from possessing you. And about my looks, you will see me. The next time we meet would be very soon and at that time, you would see me. From there forth any man you see would only be me. Oh yes, I am quite handsome if I have to vouch for my magnificence." He chuckled and placed a kiss on her forehead, splashing warm water on her and cleansed her thoroughly. He scrubbed the herbs over her skin and washed her delicately.


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