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Knox Garrick was feeling impatient many important issues on his platter to be solved as immediate possible; and two of those issues were finding a virgin widow from the villagers for the sacrifice and other one being his daughter achievements so far to get on to the Lord's favor.

He need to look into the sacrificial affair and concoct scheme to persuade the villagers into agreeing to sacrifice one of them for the best. Not just that but he also need to gain on the Lord's favor to get through sacrificial affairs. He needs the Lord's acceptance and agreement to move further with it or else he knew that no one can save him from the Lord's wrath, not even the great witch.

Lord Knight is too powerful of a man to ignore his rule over them.

"Byron, inform all the villagers to attend the summit that will be held in two days from now. I want you to ask every villager, youthful or grown-up to be present at it." Knox ordered the villager, Byron, who is like an subordinate to him.

Byron was not a youthful lad nor was he an aging wrinkled old man. In his forties, Byron looks attractive and was a loyal puppet to Knox.

"Yes sir. There is a correspondence to you that arrived this morning, sir." Byron said politely and handed over a blue envelop sealed with wax. Knox waved his hand in dismissing his subordinate and opened the letter to see what it was that his daughter had to send a letter in just six days of staying with the Lord.

Partly he was expecting to read good news of his daughter's accomplishments; to some extent he knew it would not be an easy task to bewitch the Lord.

Dear Papa, I know I am expected to captivate Lord Knight with my femininity and glamour, I am afraid to tell you that the Lord is too much tough to be trapped. He is very dangerous, Papa. He is authoritarian and very commanding in every aspect.

I tried to extort the tales about him from the maidservants here, but the lot is quiet loyal to him and does not speak anything behind his back.

The Lord was being civil with me and I could not understand if he was even getting engrossed in me. He was so mysterious about everything about him and it is close to impracticable to know anything about him and I am slowly getting fearful of him.

I do not know how to win his heart, Papa. I am stranded with no ideas.

Eager to receive from you.

Yours lovely daughter.

Knox knew beguiling the Lord was not an easy task and it would be hard for his daughter to seduce him. He wanted to go meet his daughter and coach her w

erate rose to the level of sensuality.

She would have not noticed it if not for another pair of hands cleaning her from behind. Ella froze. Her whole stature stiffened at the feel of rough palms taking the liberty of touching her sensitive secretive measurements.

With a scared whimper she tried to move away to conceal her from the stranger but alas the hands tugged her back to the strong masculine chest and bind her into a strong hold.

"Ssh, calm down, sugar" She heard a raspy whispered in her ear and felt soft wet lips on the lobe.

Ella wanted to move out of the hold and cover her body from the shameless invasion. She wanted to turn around who the stranger was who took the liberty to touch her so brazenly. She wanted to scream for help sadly there was no one around for acres. Tears sprung from her eyes at the vulnerable position she was in.

Would she be compromised out of her will?

Other than that, she felt a sense of familiarity in the voice she heard. Where did she hear that low raspy voice? She could not remember but she was positive she heard it in few occasions.

Why cannot she remember?

Ella struggled to get out of the hold but the iron like hands of the stranger held her tightly yet there was some gentleness in how she was held.

"Please – leave m-me. W-who are you." She stammered trying to get a hold on the robe which was just inches away from her but all her efforts were sealed when one of the strangers hands brushed the rosy bud of her breast soothing.

Ella gasped.

She heard the stranger chuckle in her shoulder and placed a kiss there reaching her ear; "Yours only" The answered stunned her.

Yours only…

Yours only!

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