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Early sun rays peeked through the window making Blythe groan in her sleep. She was not a morning riser at all. She was pampered to do as she wishes by her father and that habit of hers can be overweighed when she was in the Knight castle.

The morning at the knight castle was buzzing with activity that needs to be completed before being pointed by their master. Cooks were already making breakfast to please their master like usual. Lyndon, the butler, was going through the morning logs of accounts of tenants and the land. Lucy was preparing toiletries for Blythe and went into the guest room to wake her up.

Lucy, for one, knows how her master was pressed on punctuality and discipline was the God he worships. So, it was a common knowledge for the castle help that Lord Knight can be a ruthless when it comes to time. He likes everything in order and he maintains that rule for himself too. Lucy was particularly busy that morning because she was to escort Miss Blythe to the breakfast table in time before Lord Knight arrives and it was already too late.

"Miss. Miss Garrick, please wake up. You have a breakfast meeting with the Lord." Lucy shook Blythe's shoulder slowly in a try to wake her up. Blythe groaned and slapped the hand away which was shaking her.

Lucy stiffened and looked at the sun the was already rising from behind the mountains far away. She has a very little time to get Miss Garrick to the breakfast.

"Miss Garrick, please wake up. Lord Knight would be down for breakfast soon. Please." Lucy was getting anxious when Blythe nothing but brushed her waking call and used profanities unlike a lady.

"You scanty beggar! Move away." Blythe pushed away Lucy harshly and Lucy stumbled back on the table with a force. Blythe was furious to be woken up early in the morning when all she wanted to do was pleasure her body with the soft lush bed and satin smooth covers which she could not experience till now.

The greed to trap the Lord was becoming stronger every moment she spent there in the castle. "Go and prepare hot bath for me and scented herbs. Now" Blythe ordered with triumph, enjoying the feel of ordering people like a queen.

Blythe got up from the bed with a forged grace and draped the robe over her nightgown. Lucy escorted her to the restroom and gave her herbal powder and a stem brush to clean her teeth. In the meantime she prepared hot bath with oils and herbs.

Lucy felt thwarted by the way she was treated by Blythe. She was never treated with such disrespected in the castle ever. It was the L

th her tongue.

What has she gotten herself into?

She thought to become a queen to the complete region but the Lord proved to be even dangerous than her and her father. She only knew one man who was so malicious and that was her father but the mysterious diabolic aura of Lord Knight was complete in another height. He was not just a rotten person like her and her father, he was the devil himself.

Lord Knight snapped his fingers and a guard opened the cell gate. The Lord strode into the cell leisurely and sat on the chair that was meant for him. Blythe did not dare to go inside the stinking cell but she stood just outside the gate watching everything.

"Whenever I am annoyed, I come by here and take it out on these prisoners. Believe me dear Miss Garrick, cutting through one's skin just a little, not enough to kill him but enough to hurt them is a good pass time and stress reliever." The Lord winded the sparks of dread she was feeling.

He took a pair of small clippers and pinched the man's skin nonchalantly here and there and drew painful amount of blood from the body. The man hissed and screamed in pain when he felt the stinging pinch on his bruised skin.

Blythe paled at how casually the Lord was torturing the man with an utter delight clearly visible on his face.

She was wrong to underestimate him. She was truly wrong, for what she needed the most right then was to flee far away from him and hide in the shadows he could not see her.

"Watch everything clearly, Miss Garrick. After all the future is expecting much more response from you." Blythe stood puzzled at the riddle of words that the Lord threw at her with a crafty smile.

What does he mean by that?

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