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"My Lord, It is my pleasure to be standing before you." Blythe bowed gracefully, showing ample amount of her chest with an alluring smile. Lord Knight was sitting in his chair regally in the meeting hall and was holding a cane. The cane he was holding looked different.

It was black and the top of the cane was holding a metal bird with its feathers out. The bird was holding a skull under its paws which gave the cane a very dangerous and powerful appearance.

Lord Knight gave an overall look to her. Though his eyes were looking predatorily, his words and actions were quite a mystery.

"Sure it is pretty pleasurable." One side of Lord Knight's mouth turned upwards into a smirk. "Are you here for any prominent reason, Miss Garrick?" Blythe blushed at the way her name rolled out the Lord's mouth.

He was interested in her and she could feel it. He was looking at her how a looter would look at the treasure and she was enjoying the Lord's attention on her.

"My father sent you a correspondence through me, My Lord. He was expecting me to help you regarding it." Blythe placed the scroll in the guard's hand and smiled at the Lord gracefu

ears. You need to make certain that Ella was chosen for the sacrifice but you also should be assured that you are not caught in the process. You need to be sly and trap Ella in the gathering." The woman was stumped by the revelation and was reluctant to do it.

She looked at the hooded eyes of the person and noticed something feral and lethal in them. Her frown was immediately turned into a smirk and she nodded enthusiastically.

"What is in that wicked mind of yours?" The woman chuckled and raised her head to look at the person in complete interest.

"Punishment." The person clipped out, voice cold and outrageous and face representing an erupting volcano. "Time has come when Ella should receive the grave mistake she has done." The person laughed out followed by the woman who was excited to do the task she was given.

"Let the first chapter of the end begin." The woman hollered and tipped her head in an overly gracious bow and walked away, giving the person a smile of assurance.

'Truly it would be the start to the end. Let the devastation begin with sweet Ella's sacrifice.' The person's lips turned up into a sadistic sneer.

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