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Blythe was getting desperate day by day to lure the Lord into her charms. She has not seen a man so shady and beautiful like him and just the thought of him was enough for her to palpitate with fierce need.

She was hungry for him.

She was waiting for a good opportunity to seduce him into her bed and show him that he could not get someone as beautiful and willing as her. After all she was tagged as the most beautiful young female in and around the six towns and villages.

"Papa, what are you planning?" Blythe inched towards her father and sat next to him in anticipation. She knew that her father was concocting a trap for the Lord.

"Here, take this." Knox handed a scroll to his daughter. "You will be setting out to the Lord's palace this noon and will hand over this to the Lord and to the Lord only.

"What is this, papa?" Blythe was happy to be finally going to see the Lord. She was beyond happy and all the levers of her vicious mind are working their way to beguile the Lord in her arms.

"This is the correspondence unfolding the floods situation here. The letter is to ask him for more resources to use. Now all you need to do is you need to do something to stay there in the palace with the Lord until I send someone for you. This is the time for you to tempt the Lord with your beauty, my dear daughter." Blythe shared the vicious smile of her father but the smile suddenly got replaced with a worried frown.

"But Papa, he is known as a danger himself. People say that he is more powerful than he let us know and he was a personification of ferocity. How can I entice him? What if it rebound back on me?" Blythe heard many stories of the shady Lord who has a strange power over the other Lords too. He was titled as the Lord of hell by the people for his brutality.

It was a common sense in the whole Northern region that the Lord detests betrayal the most. Three years ago there was a situation when the Lord got hold of one of his administrator being a mole sent by one of his rivals and according to the rumors, the whole palace shook bodily when he bellowed in anger.

Rumors went around the whole realm that scout who betrayed him was still kept alive in his personal dungeons and was still a sport of his inhuman torture. The palace help were prohibited to spread gossips a

nd to strike the senseless low servant who had the nerve to talk back to her.

Just as her hand was about to touch the guard, it was held back by something slim and hard. She tried to move her hand but it was still constricted. Blythe turned around to strike the person who held her but she froze when she saw what stopped her and who.

The person she desired so much, the Lord himself was standing before her looking nothing less like a God who descended from the heavens. The Lord was looking grim and his eyes were pitch black with red circle. He has unique eyes she had ever seen.

But the pleasure of seeing him was short lived when she notice what was holding her hand. A cane. She was disappointed that it was not the Lord's hand that touched hers but it was his cane.

The Lord pulled his cane back and looked at Blythe with an evil glint in his eyes which Blythe mistook as attraction.

"Lord Knight, It's my pleasure to be in your esteemed presence. I am Blythe Garrick, Town head Knox Garrick's daughter. I am here to give you a correspondence that my father wished you to read." Blythe eyes shined with eagerness and put forth her hand for the Lord to kiss it.

"Ah, Garrick's daughter! I was just waiting for you. Come in Miss. Garrick, wasting your power in striking others is foolish as you might need all your energy in the future."Lord Knight said blinking his eyes at the guard who was about to get slapped to which he nodded gratefully and the Lord walked inside the mansion without caring to kiss Blythe's hand.

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