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"I wonder why the villagers are so quiet suddenly." Ella wondered out. It has been five days since the villagers have moved to the other side of the uphill and she did not hear anything about them. Gode has been living with her from a few days and her family has traveled to the east to their relatives until the storms subside.

"What is there to wonder, they must be planning to destroy lives again." Gode scowled and frankly she didn't want to care about the villagers as they are too blinded by their beliefs.

An eye blinded person has better senses than a wits blinded person.

"Ella, I have a feeling they would again look up to you for another sacrifice if needed. I suggest you take the advantage of storm and leave from here." Gode was feeling anxious for her friend again. She knew about the town head's visit to the witch and she has a slight feeling that somehow it would end on a very bad note for Ella.

"I don't think I have anything more to sacrifice apart from my breath. If they would ask for my life this time then I would just give it. If nothing else I at least would be glad this time." Ella, though knows that she had nothing to give them this time, she was still a little scared inside.

Gode did not tell anything to make her friend feel good and safe. After all, she too can sense danger coming at her in a slow pace.

"Where have you been late night yesterday?" Gode asked suddenly remembering that Ella was not in bed the last night.

"I – I went on a walk" Ella told hesitantly knowing too well that her friend would tell her that she was hallucinating again and she did not want to believe it. She knew what she was experiencing.

Gode looked at Ella suspiciously but did not dwell on it.

That night Ella yet again heard whispers of her name in her sleep. She felt light butterfly sensitive touches on her face and air playing with her loose hair. She was trying to decipher if it was a dream or real.

As the time progressed by slowly, she felt the knots of her gown loosen and soft skin touching her neck.

Was that someone's lips? She wanted to know what was happening with her but all she could see was dark. Her eyes are not making any effort of opening.

The soft lips along with the light prickly stubbles making their way from her neck to her collar bone. The feeling was so real that it was very hard to believe that she was dreaming. Her breath was coming in gasps and her hands were getting sweaty at the sudden heat ri

w that the previous slaves of the witch were never been seen again or talked of. She couldn't understand why the witch needs so many people to serve her. She was provided with tens of people and still she was been provided more and more. Where are all these people going to?

"Your sacred greatness, we are here for your esteemed mercy." Knox, the town head kneeled before the witch and held her hand with extreme care.

The eight young men who were brought as helpers stood there frozen and stunned were looking at the witch. It must be the seducing spell or the graceful feminine aura that she carries that compels men's attention solely for her.

Madonna eyed the eight from head to the toe in great interest and smiled wickedly at Knox. "I am greatly pleased them, Knox. I am very pleased." Madonna smiled naughtily at Knox and eyed the men with heated look.

"The pleasure is mine, your greatness. Now, about the –" Knox was stopped when Madonna snapped her fingers. The green vines that were hanging on the rocky walls started moving and alienated the wall in to two behind which is a mysteriously looking room.

"You get inside the room." She ordered the men with a solemn look and moved her finger in authority gesturing them to move. The men immediately stuttered into the mysterious looking without any qualms not wanting to enrage the sacred witch.

"There is a way to calm the heavens and stop the floods, Knox. But the issue here is, can you do it?" Madonna placed a finger under Knox chin and pulled him to stand. Knox has a perplexed look but soon morphed into a vicious one when he notices the witch's evil one.


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