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"What has her sacred greatness suggested, Mr. Garrick?" One of the villagers asked him with a concern looking over his little son lying on the hay with fever.

Knox thought for a moment and decided to concoct a story about the witch's demand. He needs the gullible villager's help in fulfilling the demand. He need to make sure that villagers are playing to his tune like always. That was how it should be to fulfill his desire to be the law of the town and he did everything he could and will do it further in the future too.

"Her sacred Greatness is angry with us. When she asked me to talk in private, she told me how disappointed she is with us." Knox feigned a defeated sigh while his eyes were as sly as always observing the villager's facial expressions.

The villagers got distraught with the news of angering the sacred witch. They didn't know what they did to make her angry. They did everything that she asked to then what might have angered the sacred witch to refuse to help them.

Villagers are the blind believers of the witch and according to them; she is the only God they knew of. "Why? What happened, Mr. Garrick? Why is she enraged by us?" A lady cried out in desperation as she held her little girl in her arms who was shivering and coughing. The little girl was one of the victims of the new sort of flu came along the storms.

The flu has already taken away eleven adults and six children and the town do not want to lose any of its people.

"She was enraged because we only approach her when in trouble and does not offer service when everything was alright." Knox put in the words carefully with a hit of guilt feigning in it. Everything is going how he wanted to; now he just need to make the villagers guilty for the sins that they did not do.

"Oh heavens, may you forgive us sins. We fell short in taking care of the sacred seraph you have bestowed upon us. We committed the most sinful act of defying your gift to us." A lady exclaimed.

Knox just shook his head in utter shame and looked over to the villagers to see if they have completely fallen into the blame or not. He immediately felt glad when the villagers were talking about how selfish they were.

"What do we d

re while she was describing the Lord.

"You want him." Knox stated confidently clearly understanding her daughters feeling and wishes. She feels for him romantically and wishes to rule aside by him. Knox did not except the events turning out to be advantageous for him. Everything was working out favorable to him coincidentally and he was glad to see the bigger picture of future clearly now.

All he must do now was to send a troupe eight men to the witch's mercy and work on stopping the calamities. But along side that he should also strategize how to trap the Lord. When his daughter becomes the Lady of the whole northern region, he would be the highest aristocrat in the whole area.

Everything was going just as he wished!

"You have made me so happy, my daughter. I would leave it to your sources how you would ensnare the Lord into a marital bond. The day you would successfully be the wife of the Lord will be the day you make me proud of you. Get the Lord, dear daughter." Knox encouraged his daughter playing his vicious games from all the sides.

"But Papa how could reach him?" His daughter's innocent question only made him smile in affection towards her. He blinked his eyes in reassurance and told her that he would help her with everything he has to bewitch the Lord.

One step at a time… One cautious step at time and he would reach his destination. Just few more sleepless nights and he would have the most peaceful night in the arms of luxury.

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