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The next six days damaged more establishments of the whole northern region than the previous days of storm. It was like the God was directing all the dark clouds towards them to wash away the locality and the young Lord of Northern region did not bother to help the shadowvalor town people.

People were dying and those who were lucky were able to sustain it by the thin line. Every day there were tens of people losing lives and the others were busy looking for a shelter where the floods water couldn't reach them.

For the first month of heavy floods, people of the town took the shelter in the town hall for many days with hardly any food and sleep. But then slowly the water started engulfing the town hall too and completely swallowing it in the time of mere six days.

People who did not die of rain started dying due to fever and other climatic diseases. The villagers decided to take shelter on the uphill for the time being until the rain calms down. But seems like nature is after destruction of the whole town that people were dying at a fast pace.

Knox Garrick, the fifty odd year town head was getting anxious not because of the floods that is washing away the whole town but because of the safety of his position as town head. He was apprehensive because if the town people lost their blind faith in him then his station would be in danger.

He should do something!

He should do something instantaneously to keep his advantage to himself. He couldn't afford to lose his credibility among the people. He was hoping to be a highest power to rule the locality and he could not let calamities to destroy his hard work he had done till now.

He along with two more villagers decided to knock the door of the great sacred witch to find a solution for the catastrophe taking place. They had to sail on the water filled roads for hours to reach the coven.

The coven was a dark cave with blue fire blazing from the logs on the either side of the pathway. There were spider webs on the corners and bones hanging on the hard stone wall giving a sinister sense of feeling.

Entering in the room going through many curtain, the three men paused when the

fingers with a little arrogance. Both the villagers walked out of the cave quickly not to anger the witch.

The witch turned towards Knox with a naughty glint and walked to him with an alluring grace and sat on his lap wrapping her hands around the his neck. Her long nails were piercing delicious into his skin and the heat from her voluptuous body was crashing him in waves.

The witch closed into Knox's face with just a strand of hair space between both of them. "What do I get in return?" She whispered taking control of his senses. Knox knew how the witch was but he could not get of the temptation she was creating around him. His blood was running hot in his body and his breath was getting quirky.

Knox rubbed his hand softly on her exposed thigh and pinched her waist in return of her encouragement. The young witch sure has a great power over men. He can feel the excitement she was building up in him to make him do her bidding. She was cunning and devious and he was tempted for it.

"What can I give to the great powerful witch." Knox whispered back in haze. The witch smiled sardonically moving her face to his ear. "Eight young men." She bit his ear seductively.

"Eight men to satisfy me and be a sacrifice for me! When I get hold of what I wanted then I will tell you what you needed." The crafty witch leaned in and pecked the town head's lips before disappearing into thin air leaving nothing but smoke behind her.

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