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"Wake up, Ella. Ella. Ella, wake up."

Argh, why was she feeling so much pain in her head? Why was she feeling so faint?

"Ella, wake up." Ella heard again and tried to open her eyes but the bright light of the morning sun is making it difficult.

"Argh, it's my head. It is hurting a lot." Ella said rubbing her eyes and opened her eyes slowly.

What happened to her? Why she was asleep till the sun was on the top of the head? And the headache, it was throbbing.

"What happened? What are you doing here, Gode" She asked her best friend not looking at her and slowly tried to sit.

Ella picked up the tumbler of water and drank it thirstily and sighed in content when the cool water soothed her parched throat.

"What am I doing here? What are you doing here?" Gode raised her voice a little in exasperation. She was so happy that her best friend was finally leaving from the nightmare but when she did not find any hassle in the town that morning, she was a little doubtful and worried what might had happened to Ella and came to check the cabin expecting Ella to be gone.

But all Gode found was her best friend laying on the bed in a good peaceful sleep. Gode was stunned to find Ella in the cabin. What was she doing here? She was supposed to be in the Eastern woods crossing the mountains by the time then why in the God's name was she doing here sleeping so peacefully?

"I? I don't know. Why am I sleeping here?" Ella rubbed her head to calm her throbbing head.

"Yes, Ella. Why are you sleeping here when you should be fleeing from here?" Gode asked in urgency. It was a very good opportunity for Ella to flee away but it got out of hand somehow and she was speechless.

"I do not know. I cannot remember what happened." Ella looked well rested but the thing that she couldn't remember what happened the previous night was terrifying her as well as Gode.

"Last thing I remember was last evening when I visited my husband's grave and bid a goodbye. That was it. From then I couldn't remember anything at all. What happened to me, Gode?" Ella could not remember what happened last night. She was supposed to run away then how come she slept in her room so serenely?

Ella was confused and so was Gode. "You could not remember what happened last night?" Gode asked narrowing her eyes at her friend. Different possibilities were going through her head. Gode was surprised how her plan backfired.

here was hardly any food or a good shelter in town from a month. It was good that you are in uphill and water does not idle here nor there are any large trees near to the cabin. Your blankets are so warm, where did you get them from?" Ella gave Gode a nervous smile. It has been two months that the storm took the worst phase and started destroying everything. Though Ella was safe and well, she felt worried for her friend. She knew Gode could not stay with her for few days. It would be a sin according to the villagers.

"Three months ago, when the first storm hit the region, I found few blankets and many blocks of coal in the room. I thought it was you that kept them there for me in the start." Gode shook her head in confusion said that it was not her that put them there to which Ella nodded.

"I know. Later I started receiving food, blocks of coal and other necessities. I do not know who are keeping them in my room but the moment I open my eyes in the morning, I would find them in the corner." Gode was bewildered by Ella's confession. It couldn't be the town people being so generous to their scapegoat when they are suffering themselves.

They could it be. Gode sure was stunned but she also hoped that to be a good change in her friend's life. She was no doubt frightened when she heard about the sudden faceless admirer of her friend but deep down in her heart she wanted to hope. Hope that the person who was this to her would come out of the shadows and flee her away from the misery. She tried to hope best out of the worst situation.

She just want to trust this creepy faceless admirer.

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