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What was that?

Who was that?

Is that even a human?

He was looking at her, intensely, with that demon like red eyes. Ella felt the feeling of creepiness crawling down her spine.

She was living there from four years and she was taking walks to the woods and the lake almost every day but she never did she encounter any human going across to the lake. According to the villagers, it was cursed by her, so no one would dare to go there. It was her only sanctuary.

Then who was he to come there and scare her with his intense red eyes.

"Ella, Ella, " Gode shook me by her shoulder with a concerned look. "Why are you looking so pale?"

"T-There was someone a-at the lake." Ella stumbled over her words grasping lung full of air.

Ella did not want to tell her friend and worry her more than she was right then, but what she saw with her own eyes terrified her.

"There was someone at the lake? Who?" Gode asked confused placing loaves of toasted bread on a plate and handed them to Ella.

"I don't know. I saw him looking at me from the reflection in the water and he has-" Ella was stuttering words but Gode cut off her sentence saying that it must be some traveler stopping by the water to quench thirst.

But Ella knew what she saw was not too complex to explain. She wouldn't believe her and her friend would say that she must be hallucination with all the event that was happening to her.

Ella wanted to still tell her friend about the red eyed man but she held herself as she thought that she would be leaving from there in less than a day so there was no reason to worry her friend with new issues.

"Maybe." Ella answered slowly, letting the matter be.

"Alright, I came here to tell you the plan I came up with." Gode said rubbing her hands in excitement and Ella nodded her head for her to continue.

"Right at the midnight when the eclipse is halfway through, go to lake and cross it to the other side. There you will find a horse, ride it and cross both the Yorkcoln slopes and eastern mountains and –"

"Eastern mountains? But Gode, it takes two continuous days and nights to cross Eastern Mountains!" Ella gasped. She knew that she couldn't afford to stop and rest but if she is riding a horse then she must stopped several times and give her ride a little rest and food.

What if she gets caught while resting? Wha

py to be going away but she was getting a kind of eerie feeling of being watched. It was not the first time she felt eyes on her, even when she was visiting her husband that evening, she felt the same feeling of being watched.

Ella took and deep breath and rowed harder and tried to brush off her feeling with the reason that it was because she was sneaking out.

She rowed harder and harder until one moment when the wooden plank was hit with an under-root under the water and the plank started to shake vigorously.

Ella tried to balance her body on the plank but with her sack of necessities she couldn't balance.

Just as the plank was about to tip upside down, the plank suddenly got balanced and what made Ella's heart pound inside her chest was the warm air she was sensing on her ice cold shoulder from the back. Chills ran through her spine and all the hair on her arms stood up.

A sob came out of her mouth and her hands were shivering endless. She was scared to turn back and see what or who it was.

"Hush. I got you, love. Now you are in good hands." She heard a raspy whisper in her ear and her heart almost stopped working. Right away she felt a warm blow of air on her face which immediately made the consciousness slip out of her, falling in the comfortable arms.

She wanted to fight out of the arms and open her eyes to see who it was but the warm air on her face is like a drug that is swallowing into the darkness.

Her limp body was gathered in the arms like a treasure a kiss was pressed on her forehead.

"You will not leave me."

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