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"Aish!" Ella hissed in pain.

"Oh, I'm sorry but this will hurt a little." Gode reassured and continued dabbing her wounds with the medicine. There was nothing that Ella wanted right at that moment than to give up on her life and pray that her next life spare her with a decent living.

"They think your evil existence is the cause of all the atrocities taking place in the town." Gode put in suddenly, while cleaning up Ella's wounds and gauging for her reaction.

"They think that man was murdered because of me?" Ella's silent murmur was not a question to Gode but to herself.

"No, they think your pessimistic presence around the locality is enough to kill a person for no good reason." Gode was burning in rage at the idiotic minds of the people. How can people be so downright senseless and heartless to someone so good? She cried and sympathized her friend a lot for the way she turned out to be.

Ella was fed up of everything. Everything in the universe seems to be going against her. She couldn't take a breath of fresh air without concerning about the consequences. And now the thought of her name being the reason of a murder is not making any good to Ella.

"You should leave." Ella didn't get what Gode meant. She was surprised of Gode's statement.

"Leave?" She was confused what Gode meant. What does she mean leave from her own cabin?

"I think you should leave from here and go somewhere far away where people do not know about you, where people do not care who you are and where you are from." Ella knew what Gode was trying to tell. She knew that her friend was getting more anxious for her day after day. She could understand her friend's concern for her but will the town allow her to go?

They were keeping her there, in the outskirts of the town, so that she would be available for their selfish use whenever they needed. The courtesy of giving her a place and land for her living was not for her goodwill but to make sure I was available for another sacrifice if any drought or floods should come in future. Yet they make sure to kill all the confidence and hope she has to make sure she would succumb to the darkness and wouldn't dare anything against them.

She was just kept there as an available in hand at any turn of the time.

"They wouldn't allow me. All this accusations and abuse was to kill any little hope I had on my life. They want me to be a puppet in their hands ready to be th

Her husband was not alive. There's no one who could love her. People treat her like untouchable then there is no second chance in her life.

No chance to find love.

No chance to find family.

Tears rolled down her eyes, grief striking inside her with high tides. She pitied the reflection in the water. Heaving slowly, she wiped her tears and bent forward to wash her face again but her hands stopped mid air when she saw two red sparks in the reflection of the water.

Ella cleared her eyes and tried to see what exactly it is. 'What might it be', she wondered. She moved a little forward to have a clear view and was shocked to see what the sparks actually are.

They were eyes.

At first she thought they were eyes of a crocodile but there are no crocodiles there nor crocodiles sport red eyes. Ella narrowed her eyes in concentration and looked closely towards the red sparkling eyes and framed out the black thick eyebrows arched above the eyes.

That was when she realized that it was a person, a man to be precise.

Red eyes were gazing at her intensely observing her every move. She could only see the eyes and eyebrows and the rest of the face are hidden in the reflection of trees.

Red Eyes?

How come a person has red eyes?

Ella looked back towards the trees to find the person with pounding heart. There was no one behind her or on the trees. She looked back at the water and the red sparking eyes were no there. It was gone.

Her heart started pounding loudly inside, eerie feeling overtaking her previously relaxed mind.

Those eyes looked so devilish.

Was that even a person?

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