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"W-who? Who saved me, Dale" Asked Ella with a shivering voice.

She was grateful that someone saved her but the thought of someone getting implicated with her made her worry for that person.

"Let us not bother about your savior, dear. He can take care of himself very well. I have a message for you. I met a close associate in market just few moments ago and came to know that his master needs fresh wholesome goods in bulk so I told my associate about you." Ella was stunned beyond belief at what Dale said.

She didn't know how to feel about the good opportunity that knocked her door. Should she take it? Could she believe him? Could she believe in herself?

She was quite popular for having foul luck; how come things are turning out better for her suddenly is a mysterious and chilling question that was plaguing her mind.

"Dale, how can I – " Ella started to protest not knowing how to take in these sudden turn of events.

"Before you object let me tell you that his master is an atheist and a nonbeliever of fallacy. So do not concern yourself about it. It is in your advantage that you don't need to travel to the market everyday and stand in the sun for long while. I would be coming here every day or once in every two days to take the goods." Ella was glad that there is a little benefit to her and she's also happy that the master is a nonbeliever of blind faith.

"The master known to be the kindest person to treat even his servants with the considerate respect." He continued seeing Ella in quiet in her thoughts.

Ella immediately was overwhelmed by the kind master's personality and thoughts even though he was wealthy. She liked how the master thinks about people.

"The master seems to be a good person to think so kind of people." Ella smiled at Dale and he returned the smile.

Dale was pleased that he could help this innocent kind child who has seen many evils of the arbitrary society. He was satisfied that he is playing a role in changing Ella's life for better and taking a first step to change the vision of blind culture.

"Yes. I have your basket inside my carriage and I will hand them over to the master now. I will be returning for next harvest in two days." Dale informed and leaves from there with a slight bow.

Ella wasn't sure why he was helping her. She was suspicious but she's also know that Dale means good for her.

Ella hoped that this little change in her life stays that way but little did she know that the change just started and it will get better from then on.


Ella was not a fan of smiling from when her happiness was crushed four years ago. She's always afraid of smiling, scared that it would be snatched away from her. But that day when Dale came to pick up her second harvest, she allowed herself to smile a little.

She smiled a little when Dale passed on a small pouch of coins.

Ella was happy that she can repair her cabin now and a hand fan.

"Ella, Ella. Have you heard of the recent gossip going around? It set the whole Northern Province into haunt." Gode, yelled on top of her lungs and took a seat next to Ella on her small wooden cot.

"Oh Gode, I only get to know the gossips from you. How would I know what happened in the town?" Ella took a small piece of cloth and tied three coins in it. She repeated the same again; she divided the coins and tied them in small pieces of cloth.

"A man was found hanging to the roof of town meeting hall and was covered with many hideous bloody bruises." WHAT? Ella got a little scared hearing the dreadful news.

"Oh my, how did that happen?"

"They think that he was being forcefully hanged and before that he was beaten to death. The town heads and the Lords are still looking into it. You know what in

trigued everyone?" Gode gaped in interest while telling Ella the whole story she knew.


"There was a certain man that came to the town heads and told them that the man was hanged was because of a woman." Ella's air was stuck in her lungs when she heard that it was due to a woman.

Somehow, somehow she has a feeling that she would not like what Gode would say further.

"H-how?" Ella stuttering, turning pale.

"The man said that two days ago this person was forcing himself on a lady in the market even after she warned him about her husband. That person still forced himself on her and suddenly a man covered in dark cloak came there and punched the dead person to pulp. So, this witness is saying that maybe the savior was that woman's husband." Ella covered her mouth from gasping loudly. She shivered in terror and all the color from her face faded away.

Ella knew who that person was. Ella knew who that woman was. She was the lady who was forced upon and a person is dead because of her. That mere realization sent chills through her spine.

She couldn't breathe and her lungs are burning up due to lack of oxygen. Her frail body is shaking in dread and shock. Many questions were running through her mind...

Who would kill a person for her? Does Dale know about it?

The thought of a person dying on her didn't settle well with her. Was that murder intentional?

And her question was answered by the oblivious Gode, who didn't notice the change in Ella's demeanor. "And you know what made the who Northern province into wild, there was a message carved on the dead body, "

"A – A message? What – what kind of m-essage?" Ella was trying her best to put control on her overpowering emotions. Ella didn't know how to take this news. She was more scared now.

"Yes. You know the one who murdered, carved his body with something sharp and the town physician was telling that the carving was made by sharp nails, probably animal nails. It was so sinister. All the towns and villages were announced to be careful."

Used sharp nails to carve on a person? Ella was getting weird vibes with every passing moment. She was not afraid that someone was killed because she knew how cruel the world can be. She had firsthand experience in it. But what made her weak and frightened was that someone was killed due to her.

She was scared because some stranger killed a human because of her. This never happened to her. People always used Ella and her family to their dark madness but never did a person hurt someone for her. It was new to Ella.

'It shouldn't be anything related to her. It's crazy to think something like that. Who would do something like that for her' Ella chided herself.

She didn't know how to react. Should she be bright that some stranger cared for her though his way of showing it was quite haunting; or should she dread at the event happening to her which was giving her pessimistic and depressing feelings.

But one thing is proved that whoever this stranger savior is, she was scared of him.

"You – said that there was message. What was – it? Ella queried and tried to sound as normal as she could.

"Ah, do you want to hear it? You look so pale right now." Gode hesitated to tell the further details now noticing her pale shivering figure.

"Yes." Ella tried to sound brave.

"It was something like 'Touch her and you would be dead in the most painful manner'. The gossip was going around the town that he was tortured for two days before hanging him." And those cruel and disturbing words were enough to alarm all her past fears and the feeling of foreboding.

Ella sensed that something is going wrong with her, around her and she doesn't know how to save herself from faceless dangers.

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