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   Chapter 52 Epilogue Part 2

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Eight years later

Sienna Point of View

"Noah, get your snacks box from kitchen and put it in your school bag." I called out loudly, preparing breakfast.

"Yes mama"

"But I already got it mama" I heard series of answers from the living room which made me sigh in exasperation.

Oh, for goodness sake!

"Noah Angelica Bianchi, get your snacks box from kitchen." I called out full name of my first child and daughter who's seven years old. I shook my heard at the annoyance building up in me.

Yes, it's my daughter and her name is freaking Noah, a boy name. After I gave birth to our daughter, I was in sleep for almost one whole day and Leonardo being a person of complete reliable of his words, took the liberty to name our daughter after my brother.

Dear Lord!

When I asked to name one of our kids after my brother, I meant to name one of our boys, if we ever have but not our every child.

I must be happy that he stood on his words and named our daughter Noah but he took the liberty to name all our kids after Noah. Let me introduce you to my kids.

First child – Daughter – Noah Angelica Bianchi

Second Child – Son – Noah Dimitri Bianchi

Third Child – Son – Noah Damon Bianchi

Fourth Child – Son – Noah Lorenzo Bianchi

Fifth Child – Son – Noah Gabriele Bianchi

How can he do that when I was in the state of unconscious after giving birth? Though all their names were my choice, he gave them as their second names putting 'Noah' as their first name.

I know that my daughter will be resenting her father for giving her a boy name.

I will never forgive Leonardo for this. He will pay for what he did dearly.

I will kill him. No, I will torture him to tears.

He's the worst human being anyone can stumble upon.

That jerk, Mr. Giant!

"Why is my beautiful wife so worked up this beautiful morning?" I heard the hoarse seducing voice of my husband from behind and felt his arms around me.

I threw him a nasty glare and shook off his hands from me for which he chuckled loudly and kissed my cheek from behind.

"This is all because of you. You Jerk! I'm so done your loyalty, you idiot." I yelled back and punched him in his guts with all my might.


r head smilingly. "So, You said you came up with a name for the upcoming baby. What is it?" She asked once Leonardo left the room.

"Lisa. Lisa Bianchi." I said grinning widely at the thought of my second daughter growing in my stomach. I rubbed my stomach soothingly and felt her kick.

"Uh huh, No my darling, It's Noah Lisa Bianchi. Do not forget her full name." Leonardo said coming into the room and took the iphone he forgot on the dining table.

Why you -!

I want to curse him a lot for his actions but then again I feel so loved when he loyally keeps my brother's name as my kid's first name. I may feel a little irritated about naming all of them with the same name but I also feel so happy and contented too.

I may have lost one Noah in my life but my husband made sure to be surrounded by many Noah's.

I know I took the right decision years ago to give both of us a chance again to be with each other. Never did he let me down or made me regret my decision all these years. He was a great husband and was becoming a good human being gradually.

He takes our kids for small charity events every month to teach them about giving.

My perfect, silly, intimidating, crazy, stupid, Italian Husband has turned my life to better. We never told each other 'I Love You' but we know how much we love each other. We can see the depths of love in each other's eyes and I'm so satisfied with my life right now.

I love you, My Giant.

~~~~~~The End~~~~~~

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