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   Chapter 51 Epilogue Part 1

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Leonardo Point of View


Time really has a wonderful way to show what really matter to us. Though it's the most hardest task to keep up to it, it is still a gift.

Leonardo Bianchi five years ago is someone whom everyone respected, terrified and flirted with. But just a short span of those five years, I had learnt a lot about life and experienced the depth of it.

What started like a professional relationship turned into teasing and I didn't even know how I started falling for that light hearted short girl. We teased, tortured, talked, understood and went through hell together only to come to this point of life.

Today is the same day when I met Lilliput for the first time five years ago and also today is the day I will be officially proposing my Sienna. I'm so nervous and happy at the same time that our difficulties finally gave us a fruitful result.

"Val, I can do the remaining so you can please go. Your husband is waiting for you and Sienna will arrive anytime soon." I quickly got Val's bag and escorted her out of the cabin.

"Alright, alright! Don't mess this up and spill your heart before her. I know she will accept you. All the best, brother." Val wished me good luck and walked to the boat that is waiting for her.

I stood nervously shifting from one leg to another at a very famous Bridge Café in Venice. I closed my eyes and breathed in fresh air to calm my raging nerves.

Let the proposal go smooth...

Let the proposal go smooth...

Let the proposal go smooth...

I chanted over and over to calm myself down. This place is very special to Sienna and I. This is where everything started again between us. This is where time stopped for us and took a turn. This is where destiny played its role in our favor. This is the place where we started the second part of our beautiful journey.

Bridge Café... the most memorable place I can ever treasure.

An year and half ago when Sienna chose to go apart from me, I was sure that this time we would meet again and when we do meet again, I knew it was for good. I waited seven long months for the moment I could see her beautiful face and hear her sweet voice. I never tried to look for her, stalk her or even try to cross paths with her. I left it completely on destiny this time to choose our fates and that happened after long wait of seven months.

Seven months of self-separation and living in agony, it was the most beautiful day when I saw her again. In Venice.

I had to complete a nagging deal of branch of restaurants and cafes in Venice and went to the Bridge café to have a glance at it before closing the purchasing deal. Bridge café is quite famous for situation in the middle of a beautiful bridge that many love to scroll around.

Beautiful cloudy weather, beautiful insides of the cozy café had a very calming effect on my agonized brain and heart. The aromatic smell of caffeine and delicious pies was suddenly overpowered by delicate sweet smell of sandalwood and roses.

I don't know why but the sweet smell was so addicting that I started looking for the source in the small space of cozy café. My eyes restlessly scanned the space and my nose acting as it's guide to detect the addicting smell which almost stumbled me with it mild fragrance and the search came to a halt when my eyes found the spring of its brightness.

How much her appearance changed in these mere seven months! She looks more beautiful and appealing, if possible. Her eyes expressed a great satisfaction with life and smile showed how content she is.

I missed her smile a lot. My Goddess Sienna.

She looks healthy and surreal now, smiling at something the waitress is saying.

Oh, how much I missed you, Lilliput. It was almost like dying every second without seeing you. I missed you a lot.

I walked towards her with an expectation that she would shower me with that pretty smile of hers and was suddenly stopped by the yells and cries of people running around in the café terrified and s

prior arrangement and spoke the words that whelmed me with something beyond bliss.

'Let's date, Leonardo. I want to give us both a chance.'

And from that very minute we started dating. We started our relation from scratch and we were very glad that we did. We didn't let our prior feelings to overpower us but we did made those experiences to lead us further. We took out new found feelings in a very comfortable pace. We started of with just holding each other's hands but slowly it turned into intensified kisses and nothing more.

I promised myself that I will only touch her when she is legally mine and I'm hers.

It's been an year that we started dating and today is the day I finally geared up my courage to ask her to be my wife.



"Gosh, Sienna why were you yelling in my ear?" I asked looking at her irritated and confused.

"You need to pay attention to your surroundings and stop being in your dream land. I was calling you from ten minutes and you were like statue standing here. What are you thinking by the way?"

"About the proposal." I blurted out unknowingly revealing my surprise. "Damn I forgot my proposal speech. What was it... 'I would be the luckiest a to be your husband'. No, I think it was something else, what was it?" I muttered to myself trying to think hard what my speech was.

God I did not plan the proposal to be this way.

"Yes." I heard.

I looked up to Sienna whom I just realized that she's there but all my attention was on the word she said.

"What?" I asked slowly wanting to hear the word again.

"I said yes."

"Y-Yes? You said yes to marry me?" I asked inching towards her slowly and bringing my hands to her face.

"But –" She said when I was about to kiss her.


"But I can only be your wife only if you promise me to name one of our future kids after my brother." She smiled with love and affection for me clear in her eyes.

"Hell yes. We can name all out kids after your brother. Noah 1, Noah 2, Noah 3, Noah 4, Noah 5, Noah 6, Noah 7, Noah 8 –" My happy rambling was cut off by a pair of sweetest lips locking mine into an electrifying kiss.

"Oh no, I planned a lot for this proposal and it was so absurd and un-special. " I said looking at the fully decorated café and large bouquet of flowers I prepared to give her.

"God, you talk too much." She said and claimed my lips into an intense kiss again which just got me all heated up.

Thank you destiny for bringing her into my life and making it special. I promise to myself and the heavens that I would take care of her like a loyal servant and love her like a no other did to anyone.

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