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Sienna Point of View

'There is always a purpose hidden behind the pain given by the God.'

It was said to me by the church father who took me in two years ago. At that time I only scoffed at the preaching he was doing. I thought what purpose it could be that I had to go through so much pain for so long not just from one door but from many doors.

A Purpose?

Should we have to go through a lot just so you know a purpose of your life?

Is it worth it?

My answer is, yes.

I didn't understand what kind of purpose that God and angels has for me to put me through long years of unbearable agony even losing the only family I had.

But I now knew what it was. It was for the women like me and Phoebe. I understood now that if not for the first hand experience I had leading a life of worthless woman, I wouldn't know how many innocent girls were forced to the hell.

I understood that I had to go through everything because only experience teaches the life what it is capable of. Experience is the master as well a student of a life. Though I lost so much in my life, I started appreciating what I gained too.

Though I lost my parents at a young age, I still found an elder like grandma. Though I lost Noah, I still found Niccolo. Even though he cannot replace Noah, he still was the best. And most of all, though I lost the comfortable dignified life, I still gained a life time lesson through it. I had a strong empathy towards prostitutes and want to get them a life outside the hell was because I understood that was the purpose behind the pain I went through.

But, But... what is the purpose behind the pain Phoebe and Niccolo are going through? What can be the purpose of loosing an innocent infant?

It's been three weeks Phoebe and Niccolo lost their daughter and Phoebe is still stuck over the grief of loosing her. We were trying hard to get her out of her mourning and even the little Leonardo and Mario got very protective

ld, I kind of felt good seeing his goofy smile. I said to myself many times that I shouldn't find it that way but still it is that way.

"Sebastian Redfield." What? Uh-huh Seems like I'm too much into my thoughts that I didn't hear her.

"Huh?" I looked confused.

"Are you even listening to me? I said I know a very good man, grandson of one of my friends, who is very suitable for you. His name is Sebastian Redfield and he is a very famous wildlife photographer." He explained and don't want to give any advantageous reaction to her.

Oh god, I think she is trying to set me up from a long time.

"So?" I asked nonchalantly

"So I want you to go on a nice blind date with him this Sunday afternoon. Few days ago I talked about you to him generally, not aiming for any coupling but he suddenly said that he want to see her so who am I to stop a beating heart?" She said mischievously wiggling her eyebrow suggestively.

I see, she's having fun at my expense.

"But – "

"Nope. You have no say in it. I want you to start meeting people not just to date but for your own social growth. So you will be going on this date this Sunday afternoon and that's final."

Oh dear! What is this now?

A Blind date? With a wildlife photographer?

Now what am going to do with that Ringmaster?

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