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Sienna Point of View

Oh Lord, Please let Phoebe and her babies be fine. She went through so much and now that its her chance to experience happiness, please let her have it.

I prayed continuously and was wiggling my hands nervously. Even the birth of her twins the first time is a premature one too as it was said to be most common with woman multiple babies. But this time Niccolo, grandma and I were on edge of our seats all these months and when the moment came, we are beyond worried for her and the babies as it is triplets now.

"Why are you going this way?" Grandma queried when I turned the car into another route.

I looked at her worried, "To get Leonardo and Mario with us to the hospital. Niccolo must've been in hurry to take both the toddlers with him." I answered and continued to drive in a fast yet in a safe speed.

"No, Niccolo said that both of the toddlers are with their Nanny so let's go to the hospital directly. Anyways it is not the right time to take them to hospital when we are tensed ourselves." Grandma said softly with her all-time controlled and calm tone. So, I took a U-turn at the next lane and proceed towards the hospital.

When Niccolo found me in the church and took me to grandma's house, not long after Phoebe said that she was two and half months pregnant startling us. Niccolo was out of world hearing the news. But I thought something went wrong with his mental state as a few days later he started believing that Phoebe would leave him, that too taking their babies with her. She tried to convince that she won't do it but he wouldn't believe her. He started to follow her like a hawk and never let her out of his sight.

Uff... He finally came to his senses when grandma slapped him when he followed Phoebe to a ladies restroom in a mall. Phoebe apologized to every woman over there because of her husband's stupidity and then she confessed him that she loved him and never do that to him ever again and she would not dare to separate their children from the best father in the world.

They just need a long heart to heart conversation and all the bitterness that was haunting their feelings for each other got washed away slowly.

Seven months later a pair of most handsome and cute chubby boys I've ever seen. My heart melted like an ice cream whenever I look at them.

Damn, they are so cute and chubby that a couple of months ago, I even bite Mario's cheek hard when he was gargling some baby language. Well, he cried so hard later and from then on, Leonardo, his protective brother was always cautious whenever I am with Mario.

Silly boys!

a's words knocked the air out of my lungs.


I know he is paying for the wrongs he has done. Albeit, I would hate to consider but he did soften my heart with everything he has been doing from these two years.

I regret!

Do I? Will I?

Every bad things I experienced suddenly started to play around me. I couldn't breathe. I couldn't move. I couldn't stop it.

Many haunting what if's started hunting my conscience.

Niccolo immediately bolted towards Phoebe's room and found her already crying in pain of loosing their baby girl. Niccolo immediately put on a brave fa?ade to console and support Phoebe but I know how hard he is trying not to cry with her. He consoled as if nothing happened as if he is not mourning for their loss. He told that her that they both should be strong for the new born twins and the twins waiting at home.

Grandma left to the incubators to look at the new additions to the family and I just sat outside the room grieving for their immense loss.

Not long after, Leonardo got there with striding steps. Seeing him suddenly woke those questions again.

Is this the life that I wanted?

Waiting for someone to feel pain! Looking out to hurt someone?

Is this really how I want to live? Thinking about future regrets?

I realized that all my questions are the answers themselves. I realized life is too short to expect something from another person. I realized that no matter what and how I am, I'm still tied to my past. I realized that I'm the still old Sienna who is longing for acceptance and I realized I don't want to put my expectations on anything or anyone.

"I forgive you" Words blurted out of my mouth on their own accordance.


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